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Show it OFF! How to Create the Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Creating a luxury look in your new bathroom design is simple with a few easy steps. Starting off with a well thought out bathroom layout and plan, followed by ensuring each element that is included in the space is a timeless, practical and intentional choice while also reducing clutter and creating a warm and elegant space that can truly be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Plan your Bathroom Layout & Select a Feature Element

The first step in creating a truly luxurious bathroom is to ensure your layout is functional, practical and of course, incredibly comfortable. Working together with your Designer or Builder, create a bathroom plan that focuses on optimising the flow of the space while also placing emphasis on your key standout features for maximum impact.

Select an element of your bathroom to be the standout feature in the space to help create a rich sense of drama in your design. Feature elements can include a freestanding bathtub, an oversized double shower, a show-stopping custom vanity design or a feature wall or floor tile that contrasts the balance of your bathroom tiles.

Focus on Timeless Materials & Finishes

Interior design trends come and go but you can ensure your design’s endless appeal by selecting luxurious materials and finishes that will last the test of time. Think luscious natural stones such as marble and granite, rustic timber touches, textured concrete and sleek metallic finishes. These items never go out of style and have the unique ability to create an air of luxury and opulence in the home thanks to their organic patterning. Creating a highly tactile environment that is soothing to the senses, warm, comforting and inviting is key in designing a luxuriously timeless bathroom design.

Perini Tiles pastelle collectionThis luxurious bathroom design makes use of timeless finishes and materials to create a rich, elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Included in this design, our exciting Mate collection effortlessly combines the old with the new using a range of Italian made marble and timber look tiles in an assortment of shapes and colours that will suit every taste and style.

Classic Tile Choices

Further emphasising the use of timeless materials and finishes, your bathroom tile selection will play a crucial role in setting the scene of your design. Classic tile selections include natural or simulated marble tiles, glistening glass mosaic tiles, concrete look porcelain tiles, traditional neutral toned terrazzo tiles, as well as simple, sleek and traditional warm white tiles. All of these options assist in creating a luxurious vibe in your design while also ensuring timeless appeal thanks to their classic simplicity and ability to pair well with a variety of different colours and textures in your bathroom decorating scheme. 

Asiago collectionFeaturing a soft, neutral tone, our Asiago porcelain tiles are a near perfect representation of natural terrazzo. With an organic pattern and unique tonal variations, these stylish and timeless bathroom tiles are made of quality porcelain and can be used as both a floor and wall tile.

Plan your Bathroom Lighting

An efficient lighting plan is crucial in creating a practical as well as beautiful luxury bathroom design. Create a breezy, light filled atmosphere in your design by strategically placing a variety of lighting solutions such as LED strips, wall sconces, dimmable overhead lighting as well as luxurious feature pendant lights. LED strips can be installed directly beneath your medicine cabinet (or below a wall hung vanity unit) as a means of effectively lighting your benchtop as well as providing a soft, ambient light in the bathroom. Elegant pendants can be hung over a large vanity unit or above a freestanding bathtub for maximum impact while dimmer switches can be installed to help you create the perfect relaxing atmosphere in your new bathroom. Complete the look with a set of luxurious wall lights installed on either side of your vanity mirror for the ultimate in luxury styling.

Eliminate Clutter

Keeping a minimal style in your new bathroom will assist in furthering the breezy and open vibe in your luxury bathroom design. Keep clutter at bay by ensuring your layout includes ample storage space for all of your bathroom necessities, from general toiletries to electronic products such as hair styling equipment and electric toothbrushes. Items used most often throughout your daily routine (such as soaps, hand towels and tumblers) can be neatly arranged on the vanity top in a stylish bathroom tray while any items that are used less often should be tucked away, ensuring a minimal style in the space and further enhancing your design’s luxurious and soothing atmosphere.  

Luxurious Accessories & Artwork

Finally, style the space with a selection of luxurious pieces and artwork that will complete your new design, injecting the space with a touch of personality, warmth and charm. Sleek, metallic bathroom accessories such as trays, tumblers, soap dispensers or wall shelves can be placed throughout the room where they are most necessary while soft furnishings such as soft bathroom towels, window treatments and bath mats will create texture and comfort in the overall design. You can also consider including floral arrangements as well as artwork in your new bathroom that ties in with your selected colour palette, assisting to create a cohesive and comforting look. 

Bisazza greg natale mosaicsThis stylish black and white bathroom combines classic, timeless styling with modern features to create a luxurious and timeless design. Gold metallic accessories are used throughout the space in contrast with the luscious Greg Natele for Bisazza glass mosaic tiled feature wall in the shower.

Our team of Interior Designers at Perini Tiles will guide you through our extensive showroom display, assisting you to create the very best luxury bathroom colour scheme using a range of bathroom tiles and coordinated finishes to complete your look.