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Should you Choose Travertine Tile for Outdoor Floors or Patios?

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Selecting materials for outdoor areas can often be challenge as options can be limited. Outdoor tiles and travertine tile paving options however are available in many varied solutions that will provide the strength, durability and longevity required for both exposed and covered areas in your outdoor design scheme. Travertine is a popular choice thanks to its elegant beauty with the warm, sandy tones of this natural stone creating an earthy and rustic atmosphere in your outdoor colour palette.

What is Travertine?

Travertine tile is made from the terrestrial limestone that is deposited around mineral springs. Various naturally occurring colour options are available ranging from creamy tones, deeper tans and soft whites, each offering its own unique charm and characteristics. Traditionally, travertine has been sourced from Italy however, over the years more options have become available with these luscious tiles now being made in Turkey, Mexico, Peru and Iran. You will find many exciting options available with colours varying depending on the material’s country of origin. Travertine tile options are available in both indoor and outdoor solutions ranging from large pavers to mosaic tiles, as well as exciting modern shapes.

Red Travertine Tile

Our Red Travertine collection offers a deep, rusty colour option that can be used in covered outdoor spaces.

Can I use Travertine Tile for Outdoor Areas?

Outdoor tiles must be hard wearing and durable enough to withstand the elements, from the harsh summer sun to wet winter nights. Travertine outdoor tiles provide many benefits when used in outdoor areas thanks to their immense durability and longevity. Natural stone tiles can be professionally rejuvenated when need be in order to bring them back to their original look and finish. This is a process that cannot be achieved with manufactured tiles such as ceramic or porcelain, making natural stone tiles a great option for the home.

Solo Porcelain Travertine Tile

For those looking for a low maintenance alternative option, our Solo collection includes outdoor floor tiles as well as decorative wall solutions. These tiles are made of durable porcelain and have been specifically designed to replicate the natural variations in tone and pattern you would expect to see in a travertine tile.

As travertine tiles are porous however, they will require ongoing sealing in order to help protect them from staining or marking. This process should be completed every couple of years to ensure the best protection, especially in outdoor applications. Water should not be left to pool on their surface and should be swiftly swept away. Garden debris as well as animal droppings should also be quickly cleaned away from the surface of your outdoor floor tiles so as to avoid permanent marking and discolouration of the tiles themselves. Specialised cleaning products can be incorporated in your outdoor maintenance routine in order to ensure your outdoor travertine tiles look the best for many years to come!

It should also be noted that as these tiles often feature such large pores, they may not be the best fit for outdoor applications in climates that experience freezing temperatures. Humidity and moisture can enter into the body of the tile and if not thoroughly dried out in time, this moisture can be susceptible to freezing inside the actual tile, expanding during the process. This in turn can lead to cracking and instability in the outdoor tiles so if your climate is susceptible to freezing temperatures, travertine may not be the best fit and a porcelain alternative would offer the next best solution.

Tumbler Travertine Tile

Rustic textures and earthy colours combine to create a stunning aesthetic in our Tumbler Travertine Tile collection. These tiles are suitable for use in all interior floor or wall applications as well as covered outdoor spaces that are protected from the elements.

A quality natural stone travertine tile should last you a lifetime when used in outdoor applications however, proper care and ongoing maintenance will be crucial in ensuring a quality finish over time. With this information in mind you can visit our Richmond tiles showroom and browse our selection of indoor and outdoor tile solutions while also receiving expert advice and recommendations from our highly trained staff of design consultants.