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Selecting Tiles for a Small Bathroom

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Selecting tiles for a small bathroom can seem like a challenge at first however, tile shapes, sizes and finishes are so varied that there are actually many exciting options to explore. The best way to create the perfect look in a small bathroom is to start by defining your overall design theme and then narrowing down your options from there, exploring a range of suitable tile sizes, finishes and styles to create that perfect look.

Decide on a Bathroom Design Theme

When creating your new bathroom’s interior design style, it is important to start off with a set design theme: Are you looking to create a Hamptons style bathroom design, a nature inspired space that feels like a spa or an ultra-modern bathroom design scheme? Setting a theme at the beginning of your project will help you when it comes to selecting tiles for a small bathroom as you will be narrowing down your options to specific shapes, colours and materials that will tie in well with your chosen design theme.

Flounder_Tiles for a small bathroom

Setting a design theme for your bathroom will allow you to narrow down your options and make the selection process easier. Our Flounder collection for example makes for the perfect feature in this coastal themed bathroom design.

Selecting Tiles for a Small Bathroom: Tile Sizes

Next, consider the tile sizes that will best suit the dimensions of the space. Although using smaller tiles in a small bathroom design scheme seems like the most natural choice, you do have the option of using large format tiles instead. Larger tiles will minimise the appearance of grout lines which in turn will result in less visual clutter in the room to create a greater sense of openness. The key to selecting the perfect large format tile for a small bathroom is to ensure the tile’s overall dimensions sit well in proportion to the space. For example, a bathroom measuring approximately 2400 x 2400mm will benefit from a simple 600 x 600mm tile size as these tiles will comfortably sit within the room’s overall dimensions with minimal to no cutting required, resulting in a well-proportioned and balanced look in the space.

Mixing & Matching Tiles for a Small Bathroom

When selecting tiles for a small bathroom, you can use the same tile size for both the floors and walls for a consistent look or you may also want to consider introducing a different tile shape or size into the space as well as different colours or finishes to add an element of interest.

Rainbow Prism_Tiles for a small bathroom

Large format tiles in a neutral colour can perfectly balance out more vibrant feature tiles of a smaller size. This playful bathroom design scheme uses our Rainbow Prism wall tiles to create a colourful feature that is effortlessly balanced out by sandy toned floor and wall tiles.

In a smaller space, the location and extent of your feature tiles should be carefully planned. Using a simple, neutral toned tile for the balance of your walls and floors will effectively balance out the space, allowing for the feature tiles to take centre stage without creating a visually overwhelming design.

Selecting Tiles for a Small Bathroom: Get Creative with Tile Finishes

An excellent way of creating a sense of space within a smaller bathroom is to use glossy wall tiles that will allow light to travel and bounce throughout the room. Using a glossy finish on your wall tiles will also create a sense of depth in the room, adding a luxurious touch to your interior design theme. Glossy handmade or handmade look tiles are a popular solution for use as a feature wall tile in a small bathroom as their softly undulating surface texture combined with their sleek, glossy glaze will create a sense of luxury in your overall design while effectively creating a sense of depth and light in the room.

Arabian Handmade Tiles

Our classically handmade Arabian tiles offer a stunning selection of luscious colour options to choose from. Each tile is unique from the next, creating a stunning visual display of colour and texture to help you create the perfect feature element in your small bathroom design.

Selecting tiles for a small bathroom can seem like a challenge at first however once you’ve narrowed down your style preferences by defining your design theme, the process becomes much smoother! These designs schemes will always benefit from a well-balanced combination of finishes, tile sizes and materials that will allow you to create depth and interest in the space for that perfect look.

Our Richmond tiles store houses an impressive display of the latest in designer tiles. Your design consultant will assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour scheme for your next bathroom design project.