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Revamp your Design with these Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Bathroom wall tiles can be found in a vast range of options from warm timber look tiles, decorative 3D effect tiles, elegant pattern tiles and much more. Creating a dramatic feature in your bathroom colour scheme will instantly add a burst of colour, pattern and charm to the space, lifting your design to the next level! These exciting feature wall tiles each offer a unique and characteristic look in the bathroom, allowing you to experiment with a range of different interior design styles from warm, rustic looks to contemporary designs.

Add Warmth & Texture with Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles are made of durable porcelain and can often be used as either a wall or floor tile solution. Modern tile making technology has allowed the creation of ultra-realistic timber patterns in the porcelain tile, showing up an authentic timber texture as well as the classic variations in tone or colour that you would normally see in real timber. Timber look tiles make for an excellent alternative to real timber, especially for the humid and wet area of the bathroom; unlike real timber, these tiles will not mould, warp or corrode as a result of water damage.

Huski_Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our Huski timber look tiles perfectly replicate the textures and variations in tone you would expect to see in real timber panels. Made using durable porcelain, these tiles can be used to create a stylish bathroom feature wall or flooring solution.

Timber look porcelain tiles will suit a range of different interior design styles from modern Scandinavian, rustic, country style and more. Although timber is often associated with these more earthy, nature inspired design styles, specific types of timbers can be incorporated in modern or contemporary bathroom design schemes, being complemented by a range of modern materials such as concrete or terrazzo tiles for example.

Create a Feature with Mosaic Bathroom Wall Tiles

A classic choice when choosing bathroom feature wall tiles, mosaic tiles offer an endless range of creative possibilities. Mosaic tiles can be found in every colour imaginable along with various shapes, textures and even materials. From glistening glass mosaic tiles to natural stone tiles and more, you are sure to find your perfect match when browsing mosaic bathroom wall tiles!

Pez_Bathroom Wall Tiles

The Pez Ceramic tile collection is available in a range of modern and timeless colour options making them an excellent choice for bathroom design schemes of any interior style!

Thanks to the many creative tile solutions available in these collections, mosaic tiles can be used to suit just about any style of interior design from traditional Art Deco bathroom styles, modern design schemes and everything in between. The key is to find the most suitable colour option that will complement your design scheme along with the best material. For example, marble mosaic tiles would make for a perfect fit in an Art Deco inspired space while glossy glass mosaic tiles will perfectly complement a modern Hamptons bathroom design.

Keeping grout lines clean can often be a concern when using mosaic bathroom wall tiles. Depending on the specific material used to create your selected mosaic tiles, an epoxy grout can be used in place of traditional cement based grouts for better ease of maintenance. This type of grout is a non-porous solution and therefore, will not require sealing. It will also assist in keeping your grout lines dirt-free so all that is needed is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to keep tidy. Make sure to speak to our team at Perini Tiles about the best grout solutions to match your tiles during your consultation!

Colourful Bathroom Murals: Porcelain Tile Sheets

Create the ultimate feature wall with porcelain tiles! An exciting modern innovation in bathroom wall tiles, porcelain sheets can be used to clad your walls to create a near seamless finish along with a stunning work of art. Porcelain sheets such as our dynamic Paper41 Pro collection (pictured below) are exceptionally thin, measuring approximately 3.5mm thick. These panels use digital ink technology to create vivid murals, perfect for creating a show-stopping bathroom feature wall.

Paper41 Pro_Bathroom Wall Tiles

The elegant Paper41 Pro collection uses modern digital ink technology to create a stunning display of colour and pattern. This Italian made collection includes several different designer tile options from luscious botanical themes to contemporary styled geometric patterns.

Depending on which image or pattern you select, these decorative feature wall tiles can complement any number of interior design styles. Botanical imagery will look right at home in an eclectic design scheme while the structured lines and bursts of colour included in other options will perfectly complement a contemporary styled space. Similar to mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles in sheet format offer an endless range of designer tile solutions that will make finding the right fit for your home that much simpler.

Revamping your bathroom design scheme using different wall tile options allows you to create a unique and customised look that will reflect your own personal sense of style. There truly are countless options available to choose from including rustic timber look tiles, elegant mosaic tiles and even bold and dramatic porcelain sheets that will create a true work of art in your new bathroom.

Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through all of the latest bathroom wall tiles to help you create the home of your dreams! Visit out Richmond tiles store or schedule a free online consultation to get started on your project today!