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Recreate your Kitchen with Subway Tiles

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Subway tiles have long been a favourite choice when it comes to choosing kitchen splashback tiles thanks to their simple shape and classic style that offers an impressive range of design solutions to be achieved. The humble subway tile can be laid in a variety of tile patterns or layouts allowing you to get creative in your kitchen scheme for a unique and personal touch!

You will find that subway tiles can be used in many different ways that will enable you to recreate your kitchen; using the right materials, you can use them as a kitchen floor tile option, to add a decorative touch to your kitchen island and of course, as an elegant kitchen wall tile.

Subway Tiles for the Kitchen Floor

Tiles are a popular flooring solution in the kitchen thanks to their ease of maintenance and hygienic properties. Although most subway tile collections are designed for wall use only, some collections can be used to create a modern look in your new kitchen as a floor tile. These tiles are hard wearing and durable, providing a long lasting solution in the home that is simple to care for and maintain; a bonus for the busy home kitchen!

Axel Collection_Kitchen Floor Tiles

Italian made, our Axel collection includes a range of stylish colour options in an elegant slim subway tile format. These stunning tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile, making for a modern solution in your new kitchen.

Should you have any concerns about cleaning grout lines in the kitchen, speak to your Perini Tiles Melbourne consultant about epoxy grout options. A quality epoxy grout provides an excellent alternative solution to traditional cement based grouts which are generally porous, making them difficult to keep clean. An epoxy tile grout provides a non-porous, water and stain resistant solution that when applied correctly, will provide a long lasting solution that will reduce the likelihood of staining and dirt build up in between your floor tiles.

Decorate your Island with Subway Tiles

Subway tiles can be used to add a decorative and luxurious finishing touch to your kitchen island as shown in the example below. This creative design solution provides more benefits aside from being a decorative feature: a quality subway tile will ensure your kitchen cabinetry is well protected from scuffs, scratches and marks that can sometimes occur where a breakfast bar is included in your kitchen island with bar stools or other forms of seating.

Biscuit Collection_Subway Tiles

The Biscuit collection offers a modern take on the traditional subway tiles with raised, 3D effect patterns that will offer a stunning contrast between light and shade in your kitchen.

Subway tiles offer the perfect solution for this style of application in the kitchen thanks to their small format and lightweight nature. As there are many exciting options available in subway tile collections, you can use your kitchen island to create a dramatic feature element in your design that will add a decorative touch to an open plan home design.

Mix & Match Splashback Tiles

Mix and match subway tiles with larger wall tile options for a unique touch in your new kitchen. This design solution allows you to get creative with a variety of materials, patterns, shapes and even textures for a unique look that reflects your own creative flair. Simple subway tiles provide the perfect complement to bolder tile materials, as demonstrated in the example below where a sleek, white glossy wall tile has been paired with a bold marble tile, effectively balancing out the strong elements in this contemporary kitchen scheme.

Fracture Collection_Kitchen Splashback Tiles

The Fracture collection includes a range of four earthy colours in a large Kit Kat tile (also referred to as a slim subway tile) format. These timeless designer tiles include a unique crazed effect on their surface for a classic look.

By combining a variety of textures or materials as your kitchen splashback, you may also find that you can incorporate more decorative wall tiles that otherwise may not be ideal for use in certain applications. For example, ceramic wall tiles provide an elegant touch in the kitchen however, porcelain tiles are a better fit in installations where a gas cooktop is to be installed within close proximity to your splashback. With respect to Australian Standards, a gas cooktop that is installed with the nearest burner being at 200mm or less from the nearest vertical surfaces, a fire safe product must be used.

Mixing and matching your kitchen splashback tiles will allow you to include porcelain tiles behind a gas cooktop in this sort of installation and a more decorative subway tile above, offering you the best of both worlds!

Transitioning from Kitchen Wall Tiles to Painted Walls

Oftentimes, the transition between your kitchen splashback tiles and the painted wall above can seem a little abrupt depending on the tile’s thickness and style. To ease this transition in designs where there are no overhead cupboards to form a barrier, using open shelves can provide a more intentional solution. Open shelves will create an effective transition between your subway wall tiles and the painted wall above them while also providing a storage area that is easily accessible for objects used on a daily basis such as coffee mugs, dishes or spice jars.

Lucida Kitchen Splashback Tiles

The Lucida wall tiles are a Spanish made collection that offers a stylish handmade look for the home. This trendy kitchen uses an elegant open shelf to effortlessly transition from the kitchen splashback tiles to the painted wall, creating the perfect division.

Thanks to the classic subway tile’s shape and size, a range of different patterns and styles can be achieved, allowing you to create exciting different design solutions in your new kitchen! Our Richmond tiles store houses a vast range of different subway tile options for you to explore.