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Product Spotlight: Yubi Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles

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Our extensive Yubi Kit Kat mosaic tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create striking feature walls, filling your design scheme with texture, pattern and colour. This stunning range of mosaic tiles includes an impressive selection of colours, textures and finishes that will allow you to experiment with a range of design schemes and styles.

Why are Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles so Popular?

Kit Kat mosaic tiles are creating quite the stir in the world of interior design over recent years; this trend is showing no signs of waning any time soon! This stylish yet timeless mosaic tile format offers a slim, elongated rectangle shape that can be applied to walls (with some materials also being suitable for use as a floor tile in the home) as well as a vertical cladding option that will allow you to create wonderfully tactile surfaces throughout the home. Kit Kat tiles can be used to add a decorative feature to the panels of your kitchen island, to add life and character to your kitchen or laundry splashbacks or as a luxurious feature tile in the bathroom, offering a versatile design solution that is bursting with charm, character and luxury.

Yubi collection finger tiles_White tiles

Pictured here in a matte finish white speckled option, Yubi finger mosaic tiles create an invitingly tactile experience in the home and can be used in a wide range of vertical applications for a stylish finishing touch to any style of interior design.

Texture & Pattern with Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles

Kit Kat mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of options with our Yubi mosaic tile collection showcasing many exciting styles from luscious, glossy finishes and velvety matte options to speckled designs and more.

Yubi mosaic tiles can be laid running vertically or horizontally across your walls to achieve the desired effect, allowing you to experiment with the perception of space in your home. Running these mosaic tiles vertically up the walls will draw the eye upwards, creating a sense of height in a room: this application is especially effective in spaces with a lower ceiling. If you are wanting to create a sense of added width to a narrow room however, running these tiles horizontally across the walls will effectively elongate the look of the room. Using the pattern of these tiles to your advantage in this way opens the door for a range of exciting possibilities while experimenting with different textures, colours and finishes will further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your chosen interior design scheme.

Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles_Blue Tiles

Sleek, glossy and timeless, the deep blue of the pictured Yubi Kit Kat mosaic tiles in this space provides the perfect backdrop for the brass fittings and stone benchtop, creating a luxurious and sophisticated interior design style.

Mix & Match Tiles: Creating Stylish Features

Yubi Kit Kat mosaic tiles offer the perfect complement to an endless range of materials from terrazzo tiles, terracotta, travertine tiles and more. These elegant Kit Kat tiles can be used to effortlessly complement or contrast the wonderful textures and finishes present in a wide range of options, contributing immensely to this tile format’s popularity in interior design.  

Mix and match different tile sizes and materials to create a stylish yet timeless aesthetic in your home, with these elegant tiles easily tying in with any number of different finishes. The Yubi collection offers a versatile porcelain tile option that offers a wonderfully low maintenance option for the home. Porcelain tiles are well known for their immense durability and strength, being resistant to scratching, staining, heat and moisture, making them the perfect fit for busy areas of the home such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Yubi Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles_Green Tiles

Yubi Kit Kat mosaic tiles are used to create a luscious, nature inspired colour palette in this modern bathroom design scheme. The deep green of these luxurious mosaic tiles effortlessly complements the scattered patterns and colours in the terrazzo tiles creating a perfectly balanced and harmonious look.

The Yubi mosaic tile collection can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create stunning feature walls, whether in the living room, kitchen, laundry or bathroom. What makes this stylish tile collection so special is that they can be easily combined with an endless range of different materials and colours, allowing you to fully explore your creativity when curating the perfect interior design scheme.

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