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Product Spotlight: Handmade Terracotta Tiles

Handmade terracotta tiles have been a feature of design and architecture for many hundreds of years. Now at the forefront of interior design trends, Terracotta is a beautiful material that boasts elegant variations in tone, shape, thickness and texture as a result of the handcrafting process. Made up of a combination of iron rich natural clays, terracotta tiles are traditionally shaped and moulded by hand and then kiln fired at a low temperature. The high iron content of the raw materials used in their creation are what give these rustic tiles their signature rusty tone, making them a popular choice in classic and modern design schemes alike.

prato handmade terracotta tiles

Our Prato Terracotta tiles are traditionally handmade in Mexico. Available in a wide selection of luxurious tile shapes, these tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile throughout your home.

Terracotta tiles are available in varying tones, ranging from an apricot colour as seen within our Prato range pictured above, to deep rusty red tones. You also have different shapes and sizes to choose from such as brick tile formats for example; These classic tile shapes allow you to experiment with a range of different tile patterns that can be achieved with the classic brick tile or subway tile format such as vertically or horizontally stacked patterns, herringbone tile layouts and many more. Variations in colour, shade and the odd chip or imperfection in the tile’s tile’s texture is a common feature that only adds to the appeal of a traditionally made handmade tile.

A commonly asked question when it comes to selectin terracotta tiles is whether these tiles need to be sealed and the answer is yes. Being made using a combination of natural clays that have been fired at a low temperature, the minerals in the ingredients are partially melted, resulting in a hardened but still porous material. An impregnating sealer such as Dry Treat Stain Proof is a natural drying sealer that won’t alter or deepen the tone of the terracotta while still protecting the tiles from most stains. Regular maintenance of your tile’s sealant is a crucial step in ensuring the product’s longevity – You can find out more about sealing your tiles in our guide here.

Although the design industry has been more focused on cooler tones over the last few years, we are seeing a shift towards warmer textures and colours being included in interiors and architecture, with terracotta being at the forefront of this change in trends. With such a contrast now to warm textural variations that terracotta has to offer it is bound to add character to any space. This beautiful natural material has no limits as to where it can be used. Common spaces that terracotta tiles are used include outdoor alfresco areas, living areas and kitchens. This year we are seeing terracotta tiles being used in more extravagant spaces such as restaurant bar fronts, feature fireplaces and even as bathroom tiles.


terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles are used in this stylish restaurant, creating a strong sense of character with their rich and warm texture and colour variation.

So many of us love to incorporate as much natural material in our homes as possible, and what better way to do so than with rich, earthy toned tiles that perfectly reflect the colours of our native Australian outback. Pair this gorgeous material with emerald green tones such as our Tavola Alga Marina tiles, or even just by adding some rich green indoor plants and you have yourself a warm, visually appealing space that will work its magic for years to come.