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Product Spotlight: Portsea Terrazzo Look Tiles

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A new addition in our already extensive collection of luxurious porcelain tiles, the Portsea range offers a luxurious coastal aesthetic that combines timeless terrazzo patterns with the effortless durability of a high quality porcelain tile. We explore the many uses and stunning designer looks that can be achieved with this modern terrazzo look tile collection while also unpacking the key differences between authentic terrazzo tiles and modern porcelain tile solutions.

The Portsea Porcelain Tile Collection

Offering an ultra-realistic terrazzo style, the new Portsea collection is an Italian made porcelain tile series that includes a selection of rich, earthy neutral colour options. These elegant porcelain tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, adding a luxe yet casual coastal touch to any style of design. The collection mimics the authentic look and feel of a classic Venetian terrazzo, offering a wonderfully low maintenance alternative option to this classic tiling choice.

Portsea porcelain tiles

One of the latest additions to our extensive collection of Italian tiles, Portsea offers a realistic representation of classic Venetian terrazzo, introducing a luxurious element of texture, pattern and colour in your home’s interior design scheme. Available in a variety of rich, earthy colour options, Portsea can be used as both a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces.

What are Terrazzo Look Tiles?

Terrazzo look tiles are specific collections of tiles that have been designed to emulate the appearance of an authentic terrazzo surface finish. These types of tiles are most often made using a porcelain material, offering a highly durable option that allows for the luxurious terrazzo look to be achieved at a different price point and without the need for sealing.

Terrazzo Tiles vs. Porcelain Tiles

Terrazzo tiles and porcelain tiles are both incredibly popular options for the home and for commercial purposes. While both of these different types of tiles will each offer its own unique sets of benefits to any project, it is important to understand their qualities and characteristics prior to making a final decision between the two.

Real terrazzo tiles are created using a random scattering of natural stone pieces that are embedded into a wet cement tile. These types of tiles were first created as a means of using up by-products of the stone manufacturing industry, offering a new life to discarded pieces of natural stones such as marble or granite, as well as chips of coloured glass. Traditional terrazzo tiles continue to be created in this fashion, offering a sustainable and incredibly long lasting finish for any application.  As these tiles are made of a combination of natural stones and concrete, they are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to be best maintained. It is often recommended that concrete tiles are sealed prior to installation and sealed once again after they are laid. You can then re-seal your terrazzo tiles either once a year or every few years depending on their wear. Despite this additional required care, terrazzo tiles offer a unique benefit in that they can be professionally rejuvenated when necessary in order to prolong their lifespan, making them an incredibly long lasting design solution.

Portsea Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles

Portsea is available in a selection of rich and earthy colour options ranging from a warm, sandy tone to soft charcoals and elegant classic greys to suit any style of interior design.

Porcelain tiles are created using a combination of various clays, feldspar and sand. Each tile is formed and baked in a kiln at extreme temperatures, resulting in an immensely dense, strong and almost completely non-porous material that will not require sealing. Porcelain tiles are famous for their low maintenance qualities as they offer a surface finish that is resistant to scratching, staining, heat and moisture. Due to these impressive qualities, modern porcelain tiles are available in an endless range of options, including designs that emulate the look and feel of materials such as terrazzo, marble, slate and even timber. These modern tile solutions allow for a larger variety of designer looks to be achieved both inside and outside of the home.

The elegant and modern Portsea collection offers a stunning representation of classic Venetian terrazzo tiles in a durable porcelain material. Whether you opt for classic terrazzo tiles or porcelain terrazzo look tiles for your home, each option offers its own unique range of benefits and characteristics, allowing you more creative freedom in your design selections. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, offering expert advice at every step: visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here!