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Product Spotlight: Omnia Recycled Glass Pool Tiles

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Our elegant and earthy Omnia recycled glass pool tiles feature a stylish variation in shades of green to create a lush and welcoming vibe in your outdoor space. These luxurious recycled glass pool tiles can be used in any number of ways throughout your home, from interior applications such as the kitchen or bathroom to outdoor pools, allowing you a flexible designer tile that offers a sustainable design solution.

The Omnia Collection: How to use These Tiles in the Home

The stunning Omnia collection is available in two mosaic tile options: a 25 x 25mm size and a 50 x 50mm size (note: The 50mm size option is an indent item in our extensive tile catalogue and will require up to 12 weeks of lead time to order). These recycled glass pool tiles feature a stunning variation of colour with lashings of deep jade and pistachio tones and a sprinkling of soft charcoal. Effortlessly complimenting the greenery of outdoor spaces, these tiles offer a sustainable approach to pool design, being made using 98% recycled glass.

Omnia Recycled Glass Pool Tiles

Omnia glass tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as both a floor and wall tile solution, allowing you to create a soothing atmosphere in any room. These lush and timeless tiles can easily be combined with a range of trending materials and finishes, from terrazzo to concrete and more.

The Omnia mosaic tiles can be used in all applications throughout your home’s interior spaces, from kitchen and bathroom floors to feature splashbacks or walls throughout. These exceptional tiles can of course also be used as an outdoor pool tile, creating a warm green tone in your pool’s water.

The Benefits of Recycled Glass Pool Tiles

Many building materials can be recycled however, these can only be recycled a certain number of times before they start to lose their integrity and will have to be disposed of. Glass on the other hand can be endlessly recycled without losing its quality, allowing for an incredibly sustainable design solution for the home. This process eliminates the need for raw materials to be acquired to create a new product and instead makes use of materials that are already in circulation, reducing your design project’s eco footprint for a more sustainable approach.

Omnia swimming pool tiles

The Omnia recycled glass pool tiles are featured in this elegant outdoor pool, perfectly complementing the lush greenery to create a serene and tranquil experience.

Glass tiles provide a vast range of benefits in the home; these tiles are non-porous so they will not require sealing. This also means that they are a super hygienic material that is simple to care for and keep clean without the need for lengthy maintenance. Glass tiles can be used in any number of ways throughout your home’s design scheme, being ideal for use as a pool tile, a splashback tile in the kitchen or laundry, as a bathroom feature wall tile and even as a flooring option: Put simply, glass provides a wondrously versatile design solution for your home!

This exciting collection of recycled glass pool tiles offers a vast range of versatile uses throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Creating a luscious and tranquil experience in any application, our Omnia glass mosaic tiles will easily complement a range of trending materials such as timber, concrete and natural stone to create a balanced and timeless atmosphere in your next design project. Our Richmond tile shop houses an extensive collection of glass mosaic tile options that can be used in your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces; visit us in person or shop for tiles online here!