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Product Spotlight: Fluted Marble Tiles

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Fluted marble tiles offer an incredibly luxurious and sophisticated look in the home adding rich elements of texture and pattern as they play on light and shadow. Marble is a natural stone that is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to experiment with a range of different options when curating your interior design scheme from the soft white tones of Carrara marble to the rich, creamy stylings of Crema marble. Our Melbourne tiles showroom is full of the latest in designer tile solutions with an impressive selection of fluted marble tile options to suit any style of home.

Curve Mini Fluted Marble Tiles

Available in a wide selection of natural stone tile options, our Curve Mini fluted marble tiles can be used in a variety of applications throughout your home’s interior spaces. These elegant fluted wall tiles have proven to be a popular solution for use as cladding for a kitchen island, as a decorative bathroom feature wall tile as well as a fireplace surround tile. The Curve Mini collection includes a selection of marble varieties including the classic Carrara and New York marbles as well as a soft pistachio toned Ming marble tile option.

Curve Mini Fluted Marble Tiles

Available in a wide selection of marble varieties as well as other natural stone options such as travertine tiles and limestone, the Curve Mini fluted marbled tiles offer a range of uses throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Colosseum Fluted Marble Tiles

Where other fluted tiles create a ribbed style, the Colosseum collection features a concave pattern instead. These 3D tiles offer a luscious look in any application, once again being a popular kitchen or bathroom feature tile as well as a stylish solution for tiling around a fireplace. These sophisticated wall tiles can also be used in unique ways in your home’s interior spaces, making for an opulent feature wall tile in the living area or entry way, adding a dramatic yet timeless flourish in your interior design scheme.

Colosseum Fluted Marble Tiles

The Colosseum marble wall tiles offer a range of luxurious applications throughout your home’s interior spaces, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. These fabulous tiles are available in a wide range of natural stone options including a selection of different marbles as well as limestone and travertine tile options.

Fluato 3D Wall Tiles

Taking a step away from the curved patterns of the previously listed marble tile varieties, the Fluato collection offers more of a structured and dynamic look that is ideal for contemporary and modern interiors. The 3D pattern is created by combining raised and lowered surfaces in sharp, straight edged pieces to create a linear pattern that will complement your interior design scheme, whether included in the kitchen, bathroom or other spaces of the home. Fluato

Fluato 3D Tiles

Available in a selection of natural stone tile options, the Fluato collection offers the perfect solution for adding a 3D element to your interior design scheme, being an ideal solution for modern and contemporary styles thanks to the structured, linear style of this unique marble tile.

Fluato 3D Panel Wall Tiles

A similar style to the Fluato collection, the Fluato Panel range offers a large format tile solution that can be used to clad larger areas to create a seamless finish. These elegant wall ties are available in a luxurious range of natural stones such as Carrara marble and Super White quartzite, which offers a similar style to natural marble. The Fluato collection includes a repeating peaked pattern that will add a luxurious sense of texture and pattern in your home’s interior design scheme, complementing a range of architectural styles.

Fluato Marble Tiles

Available in a variety of natural stone tile options, the Fluato panel collection can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create a luxurious and sophisticated style that will complement any architectural style.

Fluted marble tiles can be used throughout your home to create a sophisticated and opulent finish. Adding a stylish element of texture and pattern, these types of tiles can be used to clad your kitchen island, as a bathroom feature wall or as a feature element in other areas of the home such as the entryway or living area and fireplace surround. Our Melbourne tiles store houses a wide selection of natural stone tiles in a variety of shapes, patterns and textures ensuring an option to suit any home: visit us in Richmond or start your journey shopping for tiles online here!