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Product Spotlight: Eterno Marmo Marble Inspired Tiles

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Our Melbourne tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest in tile designs from all around the world. One of our latest additions, Eterno Marmo, is a luxuriously rich and highly detailed marble inspired tile option that offers an impressive array of benefits for both residential and commercial projects. In this post, we explore the benefits of these stylish new tiles and how they can be used throughout residential and commercial projects to create a high end look.

Real Marble Vs. Marble Inspired tiles: What is the Difference?

Real marble tiles are of course, made out of real natural stone. These types of tiles are available in an endless array of naturally occurring colours and patterns, allowing for a unique and personal touch in any application. As with most natural materials, real marble tiles will require a certain level of care and maintenance in order to ensure their longevity and luxurious appearance. Natural marble tiles are porous in nature which means that they have tiny holes on their surface that can absorb spills or dirt if the material is not treated properly. These tiles will require sealing in order to be best protected; sealing your marble tiles is often recommended prior to installation in order to avoid any potential staining or discolouration caused by tile grouts or adhesives. After the tiles are laid and dried, they can be sealed again to ensure a high quality finish. Natural stone tiles should be re-sealed every couple of years or so depending on their wear over time. It is also recommended that cleaning products that are specific to natural stones are used on real marble tiles as these types of products are specifically designed to be gentle enough on their surface while still offering a thorough clean. You can find more information on caring for natural stone tiles in our Resources page.

Eterno Marmo Marble Inspired Tiles

A new addition to our already extensive collection of designer tiles, the Eterno Marmo collection is available in two exquisite styles as well as a vast range of impressive sizes.

Marble inspired tiles on the other hand are tiling options that are designed to look and feel like real marble but are made of porcelain instead. Porcelain tiles are well known for their immense strength and durability in the home, being almost completely non-porous which in turn means they will not require sealing. These types of tiles are resistant to staining, scratching, heat and water, making them a popular solution in busy areas of the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. These tiles are created using a high definition image of marble that is printed directly onto the surface of the tile. Each individual tile in any given collection will show a varied pattern to create a more realistic finish; it is important to note that in these types of tile collections, you can expect a certain level of variation in patterns however, there will be some repetitions so mixing and combining your tiles prior to laying is an important step in achieving a high end finish in your tiling project.

Using the Eterno Marmo Collection in Residential & Commercial Project

A new addition to our already extensive collection of luxurious designer tiles, the Eterno Marmo collection includes two dynamic and bold marble inspired options in a selection of versatile sizes. These stunning tiles can be used as both a floor and wall tile solution throughout residential interiors, making for a popular solution for tiling hallways, living spaces, open plan kitchens as well as bathrooms. These stunning tiles are perfect for creating a dramatic yet timeless look that is supremely sophisticated!

Eterno Marmo White Tiles

Available in two stunning styles, the Eterno Marmo collection can be used as a floor and wall tile throughout a home’s interior spaces, adding a rich and dignified finishing touch to any style of interior design!

The stunning Eterno Marmo collection is also suitable for most commercial applications as a wall tile option, adding a rich and elegant finish to any project. When specifying floor tiles for commercial spaces, we would recommend confirming the type of tile rating required for your specific project to ensure your selections meet the relevant Australian Standards; you can find more information on specifying floor tiles for commercial applications in our guide here.