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Product Spotlight: Compass Porcelain Pattern Tiles

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A new addition to our already extensive tile catalogue, the Compass porcelain pattern tiles are a celebration of colour, texture and of course, patterns! These stunning vintage inspired porcelain tiles offer a world of design possibilities in the home, being made of durable porcelain that can be used as both a floor and wall finish. We explore the many design possibilities of these luxurious new tiles along with looking at why porcelain tiles continue to be one of the most popular tiling solutions for the home.

Why are Porcelain Tiles so Popular?

Porcelain tiles continue to be one of the most popular tiling solutions for the home and for very good reason! These incredibly durable tiles will provide a surface finish that is resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture making them an exceptional choice in busy parts of the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. Porcelain tiles are created using a combination of raw ingredients that are carefully combined together and then formed into a tile shape. Each tile is then baked in a kiln at extreme temperatures; this process leads to an incredibly dense and durable material that is almost completely non-porous which in turn means that unlike natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles will not require sealing in order to be best maintained.

Compass Porcelain Pattern Tiles

Available in a wide selection of rich and earthy colours, the lush Compass porcelain pattern tiles will add a bold finishing touch to any interior design scheme!

Porcelain tiles can be used in an endless range of applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Porcelain tiles that are designed for outdoor use can be used in your home’s landscape design scheme to create stunning pathways, paved areas or feature walls for example. Aside from being an ideal solution as a kitchen or bathroom floor tile, porcelain tiles can also be used as a stylish splashback solution, as an elegant bathroom wall tile and in other areas of the home such as hallways and living spaces and even as a fireplace cladding option. These incredibly low maintenance tiles offer an endless amount of choices in the home allowing you to experiment with a variety of creative shapes, patterns and textures to create a unique look.

Using Pattern Tiles in the Home

Pattern tiles create a strong sense of character in the home, being a prominent feature of period style architecture and interior design. These tiles are often used when renovating period style spaces, effortlessly combining classic and modern styles to ensure consistency in your home’s theme and colour palette. Modern and contemporary home designs can also be enriched with the use of pattern tiles which will create a stunning feature in any space especially when paired with modern materials such as concrete and raw or recycled timbers for example.


The luxurious Compass porcelain pattern tiles feature a romantic, rustic finish that will complement a vast range of modern and traditional interior design styles, creating a sophisticated look.

Pattern tiles are often used to add a feature element in a design, whether it be a feature bathroom wall or floor, a kitchen splashback or a fireplace surround. These types of tiles will instantly elevate your home’s sense of character by adding striking colours and designs throughout the home’s colour palette. Our Compass collection can be used in modern and traditional interior design schemes alike, instantly infusing any space with a romantic and luxurious finish. Visit our Melbourne tiles showroom to view this amazing collection along with our other delightful pattern tiles!