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Product Spotlight: Ceppo Stone Porcelain Tiles

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A popular addition to our already extensive tile catalogue, the luxurious and sophisticated stylings of our new Ceppo Stone Porcelain collection offers a stunningly realistic representation of authentic Ceppo di Gre natural stone.  These tiles are available in a wide selection of rich and sophisticated colours as well as versatile sizes, allowing for an immensely low maintenance and durable tiling solution throughout the home’s interior spaces. We explore the many unique benefits of this new and exciting collection while looking at how they can best be used in your next tiling project!

What are Porcelain Tiles & Why are they so Popular?

Porcelain tiles are renowned for the many benefits they offer in the home. When shopping for tiles, you will notice that certain collections fall under the category of Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Tiles; although both of these products are classified as ceramic products, they do have key differences that will dictate how they can be used in your project. Similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are kiln baked. Porcelain tiles are varieties that are baked at a higher temperature and for longer stretches of time than that of ceramic tiles. This process creates an incredibly dense, durable and strong material that is resistant to water, staining, scratching and heat. These qualities are exactly what make porcelain tiles popular for the home as they can be used in an endless variety of applications, creating a low maintenance finish.

Ceppo Stone Porcelain Tiles

The luxurious Ceppo Stone Porcelain tile collection offers a realistic interpretation of natural stone, specifically Ceppo di Gre which is a type of stone that is quarried near Milan. Drawing inspiration from this awe inspiring material, the Ceppo Stone Porcelain collection features a luxuriously varied range of tones in a rocky style.

Living Room Tiles

Available in a selection of sophisticated neutral tones, the Ceppo Stone Porcelain collection will add a rich and earthy finishing touch to any interior design scheme, effortlessly complementing both contemporary and classical styles.

The collection includes a variety of different options in rich, earthy neutral tones that will complement any style of interior design. The stunning Ceppo Stone collection will seamlessly blend into both classic and contemporary styles, adding a rich and refined natural touch to the home while effortlessly pairing with a range of popular materials and finishes such as timber or concrete for example.

Ceppo Stone Porcelain Tiles

A popular choice for the bathroom, our Ceppo Stone Porcelain collection is available in a wide selection of versatile sizes. These tiles feature a sharp, rectified edge that allows for much tighter grout joins as each individual tile is machine cut to offer a precise and uniform finish.

Available in a wide selection of versatile sizes, the Ceppo Stone collection can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces. The collection even features a jumbo sized 600 x 1200mm size which is ideal for creating a seamless look as a wall tile in the bathroom or as a flooring solution through larger spaces. Further enhancing their low maintenance qualities, these tiles feature a rectified edge which allows for a tighter grout join than other tiling options.

What are Rectified Tiles?

Rectified tiles are machine cut to ensure a precise shape and size, offering a more uniform finish when laid that will minimise the appearance and width of grout lines to create a near seamless look. These types of tiles are incredibly popular for use as a floor tile or as a solution in the bathroom where their low maintenance qualities are most desired.

This stunning collection of porcelain tiles offers a rich and sophisticated look that will add that perfect finishing touch to both contemporary and classic styles of interior design. Available in a wide selection of versatile sizes and a selection of elegant neutral tones, the Ceppo Stone Porcelain collection will add the perfect finishing touch to any interior design project!

Visit our Richmond tiles store or order tile samples online to view this exciting new collection and take home samples to see how this stunning new tiling solution will tie in with your home’s colour scheme and natural light. Our team can assist you through the tile selection process to help you create the perfect look in your home’s new design!