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Product Spotlight: Bata Brick Look Tiles

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Brick look tiles are a popular solution for the home, adding a luxuriously rich and earthy aesthetic. These types of tiles are available in a wide selection of lush colours, allowing you to experiment with a range of textures in your new home’s colour palette. Our Bata brick look tiles are a porcelain tile series that has been made in Italy. Offering a versatile choice that can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications, this incredibly durable tiling solution will add a luxurious sense of character and charm in the home! In this post, we explore the many benefits and uses of the Bata brick look tile collection, offering inspiration on how these exceptionally durable tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Brick Look Tiles Vs. Traditional Bricks

Brick look tiles are often used as an alternative to traditional bricks in the home. These tiles can be used to create outdoor pathways or paving, as an outdoor cladding solution or as an interior wall and floor tile. Unlike traditional brickwork, brick look tiles are lighter in weight, making them an ideal solution where the added weight of bricks may be a concern. Furthermore, as these porcelain tiles are non-porous, they will offer a stain resistant finish that will not require sealing while also being resistant to scratching, water and heat.

Using Brick Look Tiles as External Cladding

Brick look tiles are an excellent cladding solution for a home’s facades. Being made of durable and long lasting porcelain, these tiles offer an exceptionally low maintenance surface finish being resistant to water, heat, staining and scratching. Traditional outdoor wall finishes such as paint, timber or brick will often require some level of care and maintenance in order to ensure a high quality finish however, porcelain tiles will only need a general clean and do not require sealing in order to be maintained over time. When designing your new home, it is important to ensure your building designer, architect and builder are informed of your choice to use a porcelain tile brick look cladding as this material may affect the way your home is designed and constructed. Providing a lifetime of use and enjoyment, brick look tiles will make for stunning look as an external cladding solution that is perfect for those seeking a low maintenance quality.

Bata Brick Tiles

Our stunning Italian made Bata collection can be used as an exterior cladding solution to add a wonderfully rich and textured finishing touch to your home’s facades and outdoor walls.

Versatile Interior Design Solutions with Brick Look Tiles

Brick look tiles such as our Bata collection are made using a porcelain material. Porcelain is well known for its incredibly durable properties; due to the immensely high temperatures this material is baked at, porcelain is almost completely non-porous and will not require sealing in order to be protected against staining. Furthermore, porcelain tiles are resistant to water, heat and scratching, making them an incredibly popular choice among Interior Designers for use throughout the home as both a floor or wall tile solution. These types of tiles can be used to clad fireplaces, to create luxurious feature walls and of course, as a lush floor tile within the home.

Bata brick look tiles_Fireplace tiles

Made of ultra-durable porcelain that is resistant to heat, these luxurious tiles can be used as a fireplace surround finish to add a sophisticated look in the home.

Creating Luxurious Tile Patterns

Thanks to their simple rectangular shape, brick tiles can be used to create an endless array of patterns. Similar to subway tiles, brick look tiles can be laid in a classic brick bond pattern, they can be run vertically up the wall to enhance the height of a room, they can be stacked horizontally for a neat and structured look or they can be used to create a modern herringbone tile layout, adding a stunning sense of pattern in any application.

Bata brick look tiles

Pictured here in a classic herringbone tile layout, the Bata collection can be used throughout the home in both interior and exterior applications to create stunning patterns and designs.

Brick tiles offer an exceptional alternative solution to traditional bricks, being a lightweight option that will not require sealing in order to be best maintained over time. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense display of luxurious tiles for all applications, from stunning outdoor tiles to elegant bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and more. Visit us to start your tile selection journey where our knowledgeable team can assist and guide you through the process of creating the perfect colour and materials palette.