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Product Spotlight: Bastone Finger Mosaic Tiles

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Trending in the world of interior design are the elegant finger mosaic tiles, also referred to as Kit Kat tiles. These elegant mosaic tiles feature a slim, elongated format that adds a discreet yet stylish element of texture and pattern to the home with a range of exciting wall tile options as well as selected floor tile options.

A popular finger mosaic tile in our tile showroom is the Bastone collection which includes a variety of trending colour options in the classic Kit Kat mosaic tile format.

Why We Love the Bastone Collection

In the new year, colour trends are veering towards an emphasis on soft neutral tones paired with bold, enigmatic colours as well as a range of subtle pastel options that add an elegant touch of colour to the home. According to Dulux’s colour forecast for 2023, we’ll be seeing a variety of blue and green shades along with retro inspired hues of yellow, red or orange, soft charcoals and of course, crisp, sophisticated shades of white. These colours are all reflected in the vast range of options included in the Bastone finger mosaic tile collection, allowing for a range of designer looks to be achieved in the home with ease.

Bastone_Blue Tiles

Featuring an impressive selection of luscious colour options in both a matte and gloss finish, the Bastone collection effortlessly merges a range of emerging interior design trends, combining texture and pattern with a range of elegant colours to create a dynamic finishing touch to any interior design scheme.

How to use Bastone Finger Mosaic Tiles in the Home

Being a glazed porcelain mosaic tile, Bastone can be used as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces for an elegant, colourful and timeless touch. These tiles are a popular choice for use as a kitchen splashback and can safely be used in applications that include a gas cooktop; in accordance with Australian Standards, any vertical surface that sits within 200mm of the nearest gas burner must be able to withstand the radiating heat. Porcelain tiles are the perfect solution for such applications, providing a heat resistant surface finish that can easily withstand the temperature fluctuations in this sort of setting. When using these luxurious tiles in the kitchen as a splashback, you can also mirror the look by including them as a cladding on your kitchen island’s cabinetry faces. This will help tie your entire kitchen’s colour scheme together while also providing a hard wearing and simple to clean surface finish to these often scuffed or marked areas, especially where bar seating has been included in the space.

Bastone Finger Mosaic Tiles_Kitchen Splashback Tiles

A luxurious and elegant glazed porcelain tile collection, Bastone is available in a wide variety of softer neutral tones as well as selection of bold and dynamic colour options in gloss and matte finishes. These tactile mosaic tiles offer a timeless solution for the kitchen being ideal for use as a kitchen splashback as well as to clad a kitchen island for a hard wearing and durable surface finish.

Being a non-porous material that will not require sealing, porcelain tiles are also the perfect choice for the bathroom as they offer a low maintenance solution. Bastone finger mosaic tiles can be used as a bathroom feature wall tile, offering a durable finish for the space that is simple to clean and maintain. You also have the option of pairing your mosaic tiles with an epoxy grout for added protection; unlike traditional cement based grouts, an epoxy grout is non-porous and does not require sealing. This finish will assist in preventing the build-up of dirt or grime in your tile grout lines for a low maintenance bathroom solution that will usually only need a simple wipe with a damp cloth to keep tidy.

Bastone mosaic tiles

Options included in the Bastone finger mosaic tiles feature a luxurious variation in colour to create an irresistibly tactile surface finish. These luxe tiles can be used as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces being ideal for use in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom as well as to create stunning feature walls in other spaces such as the living area for example.

This exciting finger mosaic tile collection includes a wide selection of colours and finishes to help you bring your creative vision to life! Visit our Richmond tiles store or shop for tiles online – Our friendly team is always on hand to assist with your tiling needs and offer their best advice!