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Product Spotlight: Authentic Moroccan Tiles

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Authentic Moroccan tiles provide a timeless option for any area of the home. These tiles are characterised by their luxurious textures and luscious, deeply saturated colours. Our collection of Moroccan tiles includes an endless selection of colour options along with a variety of tile shapes, allowing for a world of creative options when creating a tiled feature wall in the home.

What are Authentic Moroccan Tiles?

Traditional Moroccan tiles are completely made by hand using techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Natural clays are sourced from Fez or Meknes in Morocco, both areas being well known for their rich and high quality raw materials. The clays are soaked in water to create a pliable consistency before being shaped and moulded by hand. Colourful glazes are then applied to the surface of the tiles prior to being baked in a kiln to harden completely. There are different types of Moroccan tiles available including Bejmat and Zellige tiles; each of these sophisticated options creates a rich, earthy charm in the home adding a strong element of colour, texture and pattern to any style of interior design. Find our all about the different types of Moroccan tiles in our guide here.

Arabian_Authentic Moroccan Tiles_White Tiles

The elegant Arabian collection offers an authentic Moroccan tile solution that can be used in a variety of applications throughout your home’s interior spaces. These stunning handmade white tiles are used to complement this stylish kitchen design scheme, being used as a splashback tile solution that adds an element of texture to the space.

Why are Moroccan Tiles so Popular?

Moroccan tiles have remained a solid interior design choice for decades. Aside from the immense colour range available in Moroccan tile collections, their irresistibly tactile finish ensures these timeless tiles remain a favourite designer choice for any area of the home. As a result of the hand crafting process, each individual tile is unique from the next showing variations in their depth of colour, texture, shape and even thickness. When these elements are combined they create an elegant almost patchwork style effect that is simply irresistible!

Caring for your Handmade Tiles

While glazed Moroccan tiles will not require sealing, unglazed varieties will. The process of sealing your tiles should ideally occur prior to installation as tile adhesives and grout may discolour the edges of un-sealed tiles during the laying process. Once the tiles are properly sealed and dried, they can then be laid and sealed once again in order to ensure their protection and longevity. Resealing should then occur once every couple of years or so depending on the tile’s wear over time. As noted above, glazed tiles will not require sealing as the hardened, baked-on glazed acts as a protective barrier on the tile.

Arabian_Authentic Moroccan Tiles

Another stylish option in our Arabian collection, Moroccan tiles are characterised by their stunning variations in colour, texture, shape and thickness. These qualities are a result of the hand crafting process and add to the charm and elegance of this stylish designer tile option.

When cleaning your new Moroccan tiles, a simple mop or wipe down with warm soapy water is excellent for routine cleaning. It is important to note that as these types of tiles feature a textured surface, care must be taken to ensure these areas are cleaned thoroughly as well to avoid the build-up of grime or dirt. Harsh and abrasive cleaning products are best avoided so as not to damage the surface of your Moroccan tiles. You will find more detailed information on caring for your tiles specific to each different tile material in our Resources section.

Authentic Moroccan tiles can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home’s interior spaces to create lusciously tactile and colourful feature elements. From the kitchen to the bathroom, these luxurious handmade tiles offer a range of stunning applications! Our Richmond tiles store houses an impressive collection of authentic Moroccan tiles to choose from where our team will be able to assist and guide you through the many options to create the perfect look in your home’s design scheme: Visit us or shop for tiles online here.