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Product Spotlight: Atlantic Encaustic Tiles

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Encaustic tiles offer an immensely durable and long lasting finish that is suitable for most areas throughout the home’s interior spaces. Famous for their lush colouring and dynamic patterns, these tiles are the perfect choice in spaces where you are looking to create a strong visual impact. Our Atlantic encaustic tiles offer an incredibly diverse array of colours and patterns, featuring a stunning modern interpretation of these traditional tiles that will add a strong sense of character to any space of the home. We explore this exciting designer tile collection while also looking at how to best care for and maintain classic encaustic tiles to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment!

What are Encaustic Tiles?

Encaustic tiles are a type of concrete tile. Handmade using traditional techniques, these tiles are well known for their luxurious dusty colour tones and dynamic patterns. Wet cement mixtures are prepared and dyed before being poured into custom steel moulds to create the dynamic patterns these tiles are so well known for. The tiles are then passed through a hydraulic press where they are hardened almost instantly, resulting in an ultra-durable concrete tile that can be used in a wide variety of applications throughout the home.

Agata Blue Tiles

The Agata Atlantic tile is used in this ultra-modern bedroom as a feature floor finish. The rich shades of blue featured in this tile option offer the perfect mirror for the stunning beach view, creating a design that is in harmony with the building’s surroundings.

Atlantic Encaustic Tiles: A Modern Take on a Classic Design

The stunning Atlantic encaustic tiles represent a collaboration between world renowned tile design house Bisazza and a host of different designers. Designed by the likes of Jaime Hayon, Tom Dixon, Paola Navone, carlo Dal Bianco, India Mahdavi, Fernando and Humberto Campana and David Rockwell, this elegant collection of encaustic tiles includes a wide array of elegant colour combinations and patterns to choose from, each more spectacular than the next.

Traditional encaustic tiles were often used in period style homes to add a sense of character to a space that would complement the architecture of the building. These tiles featured rich colours and repeating motifs to create a sense of pattern. Modern iterations of these types of tiles introduce a wider variety of colours and contemporary patterns, adding a modern touch to these elegant and timeless designer tiles.

Atlantic Encaustic Tiles

Featured in this stylish design in Gustav Marquina, our Atlantic encaustic tiles make for a supremely durable kitchen floor tile solution. Each tile is 14mm thick, offering a strong and dense floor tile solution that can easily withstand the higher amount of traffic this part of the home often sees.

Caring for your Tiles

Encaustic tiles offer an immensely durable and long lasting finish in the home. These thick, strong and versatile tiles will last a lifetime with the right care and maintenance, ensuring a luxurious finish in any application. Being made of concrete, encaustic tiles are porous in nature. This means that their surface contains tiny holes (or pores) that can absorb liquid or powder spills and become clogged, stained or discoloured if not properly cared for. The best way to care for encaustic tiles and ensure their longevity in the home is to maintain their sealant. When your new tiles are received, they should be sealed prior to installation as tile adhesives or grouts may cause discolouration. Seal your tiles and let them dry out completely before laying. Once your encaustic tiles are laid, seal them again to ensure a quality installation. After this, your encaustic tiles should be sealed every few years or so, depending on their wear. When cleaning encaustic tiles, proper cleaning products that are suitable for use with these types of tiles should be used and harsh or abrasive products are best avoided; for a complete guide to caring for your new encaustic tiles, visit our Resources page.

Iceberg Atlantic Encaustic Tiles

Featured here in Iceberg, the Atlantic encaustic tiles offer an immense variety of uses throughout the home’s interior spaces. These dynamic and bold statement tiles can be used as a floor and wall tile to add a vibrant finishing touch to any design scheme.

Dynamic, impactful and timeless, the luxurious Atlantic encaustic tile collection offers a modern interpretation of these classic tiles. Available in a wide selection of stylish patterns and colours, this collection offers the perfect choice for those seeking a striking feature tile for the home.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the tile selection process, offering expert advice at each step of the way to ensure the most suitable choice for your home. Visit us to view our immense collection of traditional and modern encaustic tiles or start your journey by shopping for tiles online here.