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Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles: 4 Designer Tile Options

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Porcelain tiles provide an immensely low maintenance tiling solution for the home thanks to their incredible range of impressive qualities. These tiles are famous for their immense durability and strength, making them one of the most popular choices for the home. Porcelain outdoor wall tiles are no exception, providing an immense range of exciting designer tile options to choose from that will help you create the perfect design scheme in your new outdoor area.

Stone Look Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles

Although certain types of natural stones can be used in outdoor applications, they can be quite susceptible to damage from moisture, humidity, freezing conditions and harsh sunlight. Porcelain tile options however offer an alternative solution that will stand up exceptionally well against the elements while also doing away with the need for sealing as unlike natural stone tiles, porcelain is a non-porous material.

Stone look porcelain outdoor wall tiles are designed to replicate the authentic look and feel of natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone or slate for example. To enhance their authentic appearance, these porcelain tile collections include variations between each individual tile in their depth of colour, pattern or texture for a realistic finish.

Paladino Outdoor Tiles

Our Paldino collection is available in an impressive selection of tile sizes or formats, offering you a range of options to choose from in creating the perfect outdoor design scheme.

Brick Look Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles

Brick look tiles offer a cost effective alternative solution to traditional brickwork, perfectly suited to cladding outdoor walls or facades or even as a floor tile in covered outdoor spaces for a rustic look. These tiles can also be used to create stylish tile patterns thanks to their smaller size and shape, adding character and pattern to your outdoor decorating scheme. Brick look porcelain tiles can be used to create traditional brick bond patterns, they can be run vertically or horizontally stacked across your outdoor walls of they can be laid in the popular herringbone tile pattern for a patterned look in your new design.

Bata Brick Look Tiles_Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles

Full of character and charm, the Bata collection recreates the look and feel of distressed brickwork. These stunning porcelain tiles can be used in many ways in your outdoor design scheme: they can be used as a decorative touch on outdoor garden walls, as a façade cladding or even as an outdoor floor tile in covered spaces.

Timber Look Outdoor Tiles

Timber look porcelain tiles offer an incredibly versatile alternative choice to traditional timbers in outdoor applications. Timber often requires polishing, sanding and sealing in order to keep it looking at its best; timber look tiles however will not require the same level of care and attention as they are a non-porous material that is resistant to staining, scratching, moisture and heat. Timber look tiles offer a realistic representation of natural timber with many incredible options available including rustic distressed timber options, classic blonde or mahogany timbers, whitewashed options and plenty more.

Each individual tile is different from the next with variations present in their depth of colour and tone as well as their texture, enhancing their realism. You will find many exciting different size options available in timber look tile collections, offering you a broad range to choose from that includes traditional timber planks, chevron or herringbone tiles as well as classic parquetry styles.

Legno Timber Look Tiles_Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles

The elegant Legno collection is available in a variety of luscious timber colour options and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Add a rustic touch to outdoor walls with an elegant wood look tile that will not rot, mould or warp and will not require sanding or staining!

Encaustic Look Outdoor Wall Tiles

Encaustic tiles are traditionally made using a cement mixture that has been coloured with pigments and set in a mould or stencil. These tiles have long been a favoured choice for outdoor use in covered areas such as patios or verandahs as they provide a bold, decorative touch that is full of warmth and character.

Canaria_Porcelain Outdoor Wall Tiles

The stunning Canaria pattern tiles can be used in outdoor wall applications as an alternative to traditional encaustic tiles for a touch of character and charm. These tiles are available in a selection of neutral colour options and patterns to suit all styles of home.

Cement tiles are porous in nature however, meaning they will require some level of care and maintenance in order to be best protected over time. If you are after more of a low maintenance solution, porcelain encaustic look outdoor tiles offer the next best thing! These tiles are designed to emulate the look and feel of traditional encaustic tiles that will add life, character and pattern to your outdoor areas. They can be used to clad outdoor garden walls for a decorative and colourful touch or as a decorative wall feature wall cladding to your facades for a charming, vintage quality.

Porcelain outdoor wall tiles are available in a wide range of options from timber look tiles, encaustic look, natural stone lookalikes and more, allowing you the freedom to experiment with a range of different materials in your new outdoor design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in your selection of your new outdoor tiles, ensuring that your selections will be the perfect fit for your intended application.