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Porcelain Outdoor Pool Tiles: 3 Colourful Options

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If you are looking for an outdoor pool tile option that takes a step away from the traditional glass mosaic tile options traditionally used, porcelain tiles offer a spectacular range of colours, styles and shapes to choose from. Porcelain tiles are well known for their impressive qualities; these tiles are resistant to staining, scratching, moisture and heat, making them an ideal choice for outdoor applications both in and around your pool. These three exciting and colourful porcelain outdoor pool tiles offer a stunning selection of shapes and patterns that will bring your outdoor pool to life this summer!

Piscina Porcelain Outdoor Pool Tiles

A luxurious glazed porcelain tile, the Piscina collection includes a wide selection of varying shades of blue, black, white and aqua. These stunning porcelain outdoor pool tiles are available in a selection of different styles to choose from, allowing you to create a completely unique style in your new pool’s design. From sleek, smooth tile finishes to matching pattern tiles that feature striking and charismatic geometric patterns for a unique style, and even distressed finish tile options, the Piscina collection adds a colourful and playful element to outdoor spaces.

Piscina_Porcelain Outdoor Pool Tiles

The Piscina range includes a selection of different finishes in a variety of aquatic themed tones, making for the perfect porcelain tile option for your outdoor pool.

Fishscale Porcelain Outdoor Pool Tiles

A classic mosaic tile pattern, fishscale tiles are inspired by the traditional shapes of artisan made Moroccan tiles. This classic tile shape creates a playful atmosphere when used in an aquatic setting, adding a timeless and energetic finishing touch. When using a tile with a unique shape such as the fishcale style, you can experiment with a range of different grout colours that will allow you to create a unique look.

A grout colour that is in contrast with the tile’s main colour will enhance their shape and emphasise the unique pattern. Using a grout colour that complements the tile’s main colour instead will create more of a subdued look in your tile layout.

Fishscale Porcelain Outdoor Pool Tiles

Featuring an irresistibly tactile crazed surface finish, our Fishcale collection uses a selection of aquatic tones for a classic and timeless look in your new pool design. These porcelain outdoor pool tiles offer a playful and charismatic finishing touch, creating a unique sense of character in the pool.

Murray Porcelain Collection

Featuring a stylish and unique tile shape, the Murray collection is made of durable porcelain with a smooth, undulating surface finish. This tile collection is available in a vast range of stunning colour options from warm sage green to dusty pink tile options and more! The Murray collection offers the perfect option for an outdoor pool’s waterline, adding a stunning patterned look that is bursting with character and charm. You will also find options within this elegant tile collection in glossy or matte finishes, allowing you to experiment with a range of textures when creating the perfect outdoor pool design scheme.

Murray_Kitchen Tiles

Our stylish Murray porcelain tile collection includes a wide selection of rich colour options, each in a unique ‘picket’ style shape. These tiles make for the perfect finishing touch to your pool’s design, being a timeless and playful choice for use along an outdoor pool’s waterline.

Taking a step away from the traditional glass mosaic tiles often used in pool design, porcelain outdoor pool tiles offer a fabulous alternative option. These tiles are available in a wide range of colourful options in an exciting and unique selection of different shapes and styles, allowing you to experiment with a range of different finishes when creating your outdoor design scheme. Our Richmond tile shop is full of pool tile options where our team is on hand to offer expert advice in helping you to create that perfect look.