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Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Creating a unique style in your bathroom is simple thanks to the incredible advances made over the years in porcelain floor tile manufacturing and design. 

Porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for the bathroom: Not only are these tiles more impervious to moisture than ceramic tiles for example, but they offer incredible strength, durability and are simple to maintain ensuring your new bathroom tiles last a lifetime. 

Providing a highly versatile and durable floor finish, porcelain tiles are now available in a vast array of patterns, shapes, colours and finishes that will allow you to create just about any look in your home, from a soothing spa design to an elegant and opulent bathroom scheme. Our collections include several different unique porcelain floor tiles that are sure to help you in building your dream bathroom!

Timber-look Porcelain Tiles

Create a spa inspired design in your bathroom using timber-look porcelain tiles for that back-to-nature rustic atmosphere. Using natural timber in the bathroom can often be a concern, with potential damage being caused over time. A porcelain alternative offers a near exact replica of the warm tonal variations and tactile textures one can expect in a traditional timber floor, with none of the worry!

timber look porcelain tiles

Available in 10 ultra-realistic timber tones, our Parquet collection creates an air of luxury in the bathroom. Pair with marble-look porcelain wall tiles or elegant and chic white gloss tiles for a classic, harmonious look. 

These versatile porcelain tiles are a breeze when it comes to maintenance; their textured surface provides the perfect resistance to wet footprints and smudges, meaning less clean up in the bathroom.


Retro Black & White Bathroom Floor Tiles

Your new bathroom design will never go out of style; using black and white retro floor tiles, you can create a stunning feature in your space which also provides the perfect, high contrast backdrop for colourful bathroom accessories.

porcelain bathroom tiles

Suitable for both floor and wall application, the Patroon range (pictured above in ‘Diamond’) is available in different patterns and colours, perfect for creating a unique style in your new bathroom. This tile collection is an excellent fit for those seeking a more retro inspired bathroom design, with bold black and white patterns making for the perfect feature floor.

With standout patterns creating a sense of energy and movement in any bathroom design, black and white porcelain floor tiles can be paired with sleek and modern glossy white wall tiles for a well-balanced look. Include pops of vibrant colours (think citrus tones: bright orange, lime green or a vibrant yellow) in your bathroom accessories to complete the retro inspired aesthetic in your home. 


Terrazzo Inspired Porcelain Floor Tiles

With their roots in Europe, traditional terrazzo tiles were created as a means to use up marble pieces that would otherwise be discarded. Terrazzo tiles continue to be a well sought after look in the home as they provide a luxurious aesthetic to any design and compliment many other finishes in the home, from industrial concrete to natural timber textures. 

Traditional terrazzo tiles are porous however, and as such, will require some extra care and maintenance over time. Take advantage of the high performance of quality porcelain tile alternatives while also creating an elegant and unique look in your bathroom using terrazzo look porcelain tiles instead. An exquisite replica of the traditional crushed marble shards used to create terrazzo tiles, these porcelain tiles offer ultimate strength and durability in your new bathroom with the timeless effect of this traditional design. 

porcelain tile design ideas

This unique interpretation of traditional Terrazzo flooring, our Valentina range is available 4 delightfully neutral, industrial tones, perfect for pairing with your favourite colourful bathroom accessories.

Complete the look by using terrazzo look porcelain bathroom floor tiles as a feature wall as well, with sleek pale grey or pure white tiles on your remaining walls for a balanced look. 

Vintage Patterned Tiles

Whether you are renovating a period style home or are looking to create some old world charm in your modern bathroom, vintage patterned tiles provide a luxurious feature in any bathroom. 

vintage patterned porcelain tiles

Featuring dusty hues contrasting with a deep charcoal background, our Harlow collection includes several different styles, colour variations and patterns to help you achieve the perfect vintage inspired look in your bathroom. 

With intricate patterns, boldly contrasting tones and timeless beauty, vintage themed porcelain tiles are the perfect bathroom feature in themselves. Pair with a contrasting wall tile and accessorise your completed bathroom with loads of greenery and metallic accessories for a truly vintage look in your home. 


Marble Floor Tiles

The ultimate in luxury living, marble has long been a favourite material in the home. Natural stone however, can come with an added maintenance factor with regular sealing to consider, as well as potential staining over time. Porcelain tiles on the other hand, will not require this same maintenance, once again providing a fuss-free solution. With many advances being made in tile technology over the years, marble-look porcelain tiles offer a stunningly realistic simulation of the real thing. 

marble look porcelain tiles

Suited for both floor and wall application, the elegant Montoro collection is available in a selection of neutral tones. These porcelain tiles offer an authentic simulation of natural marble without the regular upkeep of a natural stone finish. 


Concrete-Look Porcelain Tiles

Offering a hyper realistic tonal and textural variation, modern concrete-look porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for a low maintenance bathroom floor option. These tiles will perfectly compliment marble wall tiles, patterned vintage or retro porcelain tiles and even glass mosaic tiles feature walls for a contemporary look in your bathroom. 

concrete look porcelain tiles

Made in Italy, the fabulous Pueblo collection includes an array of concrete-look porcelain tiles, with ultra-modern styles available, as well as vintage inspired looks to suit any style of home.


As shown in the above examples, porcelain tiles have come a long way over the years in terms of design, style and durability. With such a vast collection of styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your new bathroom design – Visit our showroom to speak with one of our qualified Interior Designers about your project today!