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Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles

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In the lead up to summer, we naturally start thinking of ways we can spruce up our home’s outdoor spaces, especially the pool! This year’s hottest pool trends include stylish recycled glass pool tiles, porcelain outdoor tiles, glimmering and colourful glass mosaic tiles and more!

Recycled Glass Pool Tiles

When focusing on creating a sustainably designed home, using recycled materials is an excellent way to reduce your new home build or renovation project’s carbon footprint. Glass is a material that can be infinitely recycled, meaning the material can be recycled time and time again unlike other building materials that can usually only be recycled a certain amount of times before requiring disposal. By using glass materials that are already in circulation, we are reducing the need for raw materials to be used in creating new products. Recycled glass pool tiles feature luscious variations in their depth of colour, creating a spectacular visual in your outdoor design scheme.

Omnia swimming pool tiles_Pool Trends

Manufactured from 98% recycled glass, the Omnia collection offers a wonderfully ethereal look in this luxurious outdoor pool. The tiles feature luscious variations in colour, creating a shimmering look in your outdoor design scheme.

Porcelain Outdoor Tiles

Glass tiles have traditionally been used in outdoor pools thanks to the material’s strength and longevity in these sorts of applications however, porcelain tiles can offer the same benefits in your outdoor design scheme. Porcelain is well known for its exceptional strength and durability; this material is resistant to heat, moisture, scratching and staining, making it one of the most popular choices for outdoor use together with glass tiles. Porcelain outdoor tiles are available in an extraordinarily vast range of options with various sizes available, patterns, colours and even options that mimic the look and feel of timber, concrete or natural stone. Aside from porcelain pool tiles, you also have the option of using porcelain outdoor tiles as a pool surround, allowing you to experiment with the many varied textures available.

Piscina Pool Tiles

Bursting with colour, pattern and life, the glazed porcelain Piscina collection can be used as an outdoor pool, offering a timeless decorative feature for your pool’s waterline. The Piscina collection is available in a wide range of aquatic themed colours with deep, mid and light blue tones as well as soft green tiles and more.

Mosaic Tile Pool Trends

Glass mosaic pool tile trends are evolving to include clever combinations of different tile sizes, tile materials and a range of exciting colour options. When creating your new outdoor pool tile layout, you have the option of selecting from an endless range of different colour options as well as tile sizes to help you create your own unique look. The beauty of glass mosaic tiles is that they can be used to create any number of intricate patterns as well as murals, allowing you to completely explore your creativity when looking for inspiration in the latest pool trends.

Bisazza Blends 20 Pool Trends

The Bisazza Blends 20 collection features a wide assortment of glass mosaic pool tile colours, allowing you to create a sophisticated and unique look in your outdoor design scheme. These elegant pool tiles can be used as an all over pool tile as well as a decorative feature on your pool’s waterline for a luxurious finishing touch. 

When designing your home’s outdoor spaces, having a look at the latest pool trends will allow you to fully explore the many unique and creative options available in modern landscape design. There are many elegant and timeless outdoor tiles available to choose from including glass tiles, recycled outdoor pool tiles and porcelain tiles, each offering its own unique range of benefits for your outdoor design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles is always on hand to help you select your perfect outdoor pool tiles whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting our Richmond tiles store.