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Pool Tiles- What to consider when selecting colour

Contrary to popular belief, there are in fact many choices when it comes to selecting coloured pool tiles aside from the more popular options of blue and turquoise. From lavish two-toned colour schemes to luxurious mosaic tiled murals, there are endless possibilities to help you create a truly unique look in your new outdoor area.  

Glass or Porcelain

Pool tiles are available in both porcelain or glass materials, allowing a virtually endless choice of colours and styles to help you create the perfect look for your pool and surrounding area. You will find that both of these options are incredibly hard wearing, as they are built to endure the elements in an outdoor space as well as be in constant contact with water and pool chemicals. Inherently resistant to both scratching and staining, both porcelain and glass pool tile options are available in a wide assortment of colours, with blue and turquoise being the most popular choice for a pool. There are however, many other colour options to consider, from crisp whites to soft neutrals and even bold greens, purples and many more!

Porcelain pool tiles do offer a slightly more cost effective alternative to glass mosaic tiles, being less costly to both purchase and lay. Although your options are more limited to solid, single coloured tiles, porcelain will offer the same longevity as glass mosaic tiles. On the other hand, if you would prefer to create a more opulent and unique colour scheme in your pool area, glass mosaics offer much more flexibility, allowing the creation of lavish patterns, colour schemes and even murals while also creating a shimmering and sparkling effect as their reflective surface reacts to the pool water.

Omnia pool collectionMade from 98% recycled glass, our luscious Omnia collection mimics the look of a natural stone with a two toned effect colour scheme and a textured surface that showcases the organic and distinct patterning of a natural material.

Surrounding Influences

When selecting your new pool tiles, it is also important to consider the surrounding elements of the space as these will impact the final look of your tile selection. Tall trees, surrounding fences or buildings that cast a shadow over your pool will influence the colour of your tiles, as will the actual depth of the pool water itself. Prior to making any final decisions, we would always recommend experimenting with samples first, placing them in your outdoor area to see how they react to the surrounding environment. Of course, the pool’s water itself will dilute the colour further so this too is an important factor to take into consideration when making your final selection. 

Colour Selections: Traditional vs. Modern Colour Schemes, Patterns & Murals

As mentioned above, there are many colourful options to take into consideration with the traditional blues, aquamarine and turquoise pool tiles being the most popular choices. These options offer a timeless look for your outdoor space that will pair well with most colour schemes, making them a perfect choice for any style of home.

Offering a two-toned spin on the classic blue coloured pool tiles, Bisazza’s GM 20.49 Turquoise mosaic tiles feature a stylish blend of tones with a luxurious scattering of luscious gold and copper for the ultimate glittering effect.

If you would prefer to step away from these more traditional colour options however, you can create a truly unique look by experimenting with colour and pattern in your tile selection. From deep, rich purple blended mosaic tiles to luscious greens and emerald tones and much more, there are endless possibilities to consider!

Our range of Bisazza glass mosaic tiles for example, are available in solid colours, blended (or two-toned) collections, as well as selections that allow for a unique mural or pattern to be created in your new pool or outdoor area. 

Bisazza pool mosaics

Bisazza’s exquisite range of glass mosaic tiles has been used in this luxurious pool to create a stunning feature mural.

Alternatively, certain collections of porcelain tiles can also be used, providing the benefit of allowing a continuous look in your outdoor space as these tiles can be used both inside and outside of the pool. This is an especially effective technique in outdoor areas that already include plenty of colour, texture and decorative pieces as your pool tiles will blend in seamlessly with the surroundings, working to complement the outdoor space rather than pulling focus away from your luscious landscape design.

Our collection of pool tiles includes a world of delightful options, from glittering glass mosaics that will truly bring your pool to life, to smooth and sleek porcelain tiles that can be used to create an ultra-modern continuous look in your new outdoor area. Our Richmond Tile Showroom is bursting with exquisite pool tile options, where our friendly and knowledgeable team of Designers will be able to guide you through the process of creating that perfect colour scheme.