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Pool Tile Adhesives: What is Bisazza Hotmelt?

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The Australian sun can be quite harsh which in turn can lead to outdoor materials being damaged or discoloured over time. This can pose a serious issue when designing an outdoor pool as the right combination of materials must be included in order to create the highest quality outcome that will be able to withstand exposure to the elements. Offering a unique solution specific to the Australian and New Zealand markets, Bisazza Hotmelt is paired with Bisazza’s famous glass mosaic pool tiles to create a highly durable and long lasting finish in your new outdoor pool’s design.

Who is Bisazza?

Bisazza is an Italian brand of glass mosaic tiles. A leading tile design house and one of the most prominent brands in Architecture, Interior Design, art and fashion, Bisazza creates incredible glass mosaic products in an endless range of styles and colours, allowing you to completely explore your creativity. Their collections include stunning options in both textured and smooth glass finishes, enamelled glass options and translucent glass options. Certain collections include precious metals such as yellow or white gold while others will include stunning features such as Swarovski crystals for the ultimate in luxury! Bisazza mosaic tiles can be used in any number of ways throughout your home, from interior to exterior applications. These tiles have long been a favourite choice for use as a kitchen splashback, as a bathroom wall or floor tile and of course, as an outdoor pool tile.

Bisazza Blends_Bisazza Hotmelt pool tiles

A modern collection of 20 x 20mm glass mosaic tiles, our Bisazza Blends 20 collection includes an impressive selection of colour options.

Over the years, Bisazza has collaborated with some of the world’s most famous names in design and fashion to create stunning one-of-a-kind collections in glass, concrete, natural stone and more, offering an impressive selection of designer options to suit any style of home.

One of the most popular collections in Bisazza’s impressive range are their pool tiles. Bisazza’s pool tile collections include any possible colour you can think of! These can even be customised to suit your preferences in creating stylish patterns or even artwork using mosaic tiles in your new pool.

What is Bisazza Hotmelt?

In addressing the harsh effects of the Australian sun, Bisazza has developed a unique tile adhesion system that not only meets, but exceeds the specified requirements of the relevant Australian Standards.

Available in Australia and New Zealand, this unique tile adhesive system has been certified by CSIRO under the following Australian Standards:

  • AS ISO 13007.2.2013: Tile Adhesion Strength
  • AS 3958.1.2007 Part 1: Tile Adhesive Coverage 90%

Contact between the pool tiles and the shell of the pool must be at a minimum of 90%; Bisazza’s Hotmelt system goes beyond this specification to deliver a high quality finish that will last a lifetime with proper installation. The Hotmelt cross linking system uses polyurethane (PU) thermos set adhesive which is a strong and simple to adjust solution that will not change its characteristics when wet.

Bisazza Smalto_Bisazza Hotmelt_Pool tiles

The Bisazza Smalto 20 collection is available in an extensive selection of colour options from classic pool tile colours of blue and aqua to modern styles in liquorice black, stormy grey and luscious gold!

The system is UV resistant which means it will not discolour over time; non-UV resistant materials can sometimes lead to spots being visible through the glass mosaic tiles, creating a costly problem to repair. Being simple to adjust during the installation process, Bisazza’s Hotmelt solution allows for precise application of your new glass mosaic tiles, once again allowing for maximum coverage of the pool’s shell. Pair Hotmelt mounted mosaic swimming pool tiles with Bisazza’s range of Fillgel for even greater UV resistance.

One of the most popular outdoor swimming pool tile options is glass however, ensuring the very best quality materials have been used in their application will ensure their longevity and quality over time. Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense collection of Bisazza Hotmelt pool tiles, whether you are visiting us in person or shopping for tiles online. Our team is always on hand to help you with any queries and can assist you in the creation of the perfect outdoor pool design.