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Planning your Renovation over the Holidays

After all the festivities of December have passed, the end-of-year holidays provide an excellent opportunity to plan the year ahead, including any home renovations or building projects you are keen to get a move on. Thankfully, our website is choc-full of resources and inspiration to help get you started, with an immense tile collection to browse through, luxurious basins to match up and of course, our new Perini Renovations website for even more inspiring ideas.

Spending this time to thoroughly research your options in advance is the very best first step in planning a successful bathroom or kitchen renovation, saving you a ton of time and effort later on down the track as well as minimising the risk of any potential delays in your project, as you’ve already taken care of the decision making process.

Perini instagram ideasFollow our Instagram account for a world of colour and inspiration, from designer curated mood boards, new tile releases and captivating renovation projects.

Starting with conceptualising and sketching out your design, the following steps will help you streamline your planning and research process, making it infinitely simpler to get straight into things in the new year.

How to start planning your renovation:

  • Conceptualise: When renovating your kitchen or bathroom, your first step is to measure out and sketch the existing space, making sure to include any permanent fixtures and openings such as windows and doorways. Your sketches should always be drawn to scale as this will allow you a realistic view of the space, making it easier to create a new design and keep your measurements in check. With your plans in hand, sketch out your preferred design layout. Theses sketches will form your design brief for your builder or designer, giving them an excellent snap shot of the specific design you want to achieve in your renovation. 
  • Researching & Creating a Style: Seek out ideas and inspiration from interior design magazines, renovation shows and of course, by having a browse online. Our blog is bursting with ideas on different designs and materials to help you along the way; you’ll also want to have a look at our Pinterest and Instagram accounts for more inventive ideas, including designer curated colour selections, mood boards and previously completed renovations. Collate your top ideas into a scrapbook together with your sketches; the more ideas you include in your design brief, the better you will be able to communicate your vision to your design professional. 

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  • Selecting your Finishes: Once you’ve gained a better vision of your preferred design style, spend some time looking into finishes that will tie into your colour scheme. Selecting your floor tiles is often the best place to start, effectively building your design scheme from the ground up. Our tile showroom is simply bursting with a variety of bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles to create the ultimate low maintenance flooring solution in your renovation project, while our friendly staff can also provide guidance in creating your overall look and colour scheme. To help you prepare over the holiday period, you can start off by downloading our e-book  and making use of our online catalogue’s Wishlist feature; simply add your top picks to your Wishlist and submit it to our team who will arrange samples and a quotation for you. Your Wishlist can also be shared directly with your friends, family or your designer/builder to make sure everyone is in the loop!

Livorno porcelain collectionQuality porcelain tiles can often be used as both a floor or wall finish, offering an incredible amount of design flexibility. The Livorno collection pictured is available in an immense range of neutral tones, providing the perfect feature tile in your design scheme.

  • Storage Solutions, Fittings & Fixtures: Your next step is to consider what you will be storing in your newly renovated space and how best to make the most of the available area. Consider how you currently use your existing bathroom or kitchen; how could the layout be improved to work more efficiently for you? Do you find that your stored items are easy or difficult to access? Research kitchen or bathroom storage ideas to find the best solutions for your home and include these in your scrapbook. Throughout this process, you will also want to consider which fittings and fixtures you want to include in your renovation that will further enhance the space’s functionality and comfort. Visit your nearest kitchen or bathroom showroom to have a look at your preferred fittings prior to making any final decisions: Many showrooms have working displays of tapware and showerheads, as well as ovens and cooktops so you can even test these products out before making up your mind.
  • Questions: Finally, should any queries or concerns arise throughout your planning and research process, prepare a detailed list of questions ready for your showroom visit. Our friendly team will be able to answer any queries you may have for your peace of mind.

Our showroom will be closing at 5pm on Friday 20th December for the holidays and reopening on the 15th January 2020. 

We’d like to thank you all for your support throughout 2019 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!