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Planning a bathroom renovation this year? All the tips and tricks you need to get you started

A bathroom renovation offers you the opportunity to create the exact look and feel you are after in your home, allowing you to design the ideal space that works best for you. We’re sharing our top bathroom renovation tips that’ll help you get started on your journey, from settling on a specific design theme to completing your newly renovated space with trending décor and accessories.

Decide on a Theme

The first step to creating your ultimate new bathroom is to settle on a design style or theme. Consider the overall look and feel of your home for a clear direction on the most suitable style for your bathroom renovation. Achieve this by introducing key elements in your bathroom design that reflect your existing home’s interior design scheme, for example a modern or contemporary styled home would suit a similarly themed bathroom design whereas a more period style home will usually pay respect the home’s original character and architectural elements.

Perini pink terrazzoNatural Terrazzo tiles have the unique ability to tie in seamlessly in just about any bathroom style, from the ultra-modern to the more classic themes. Our range of natural Terrazzo tiles is available in a vast range of colours, from deep blush to minty green and classic neutrals.

Working with an Interior Designer & Builder

Take advantage of an Interior Designer and Builder’s in-depth knowledge when working on your bathroom renovation for a high quality end result. Professional Designers and Builders have worked with all styles of homes and have a depth of knowledge when it comes to selecting the very best fittings and finishes that will suit your home, lifestyle, needs and budget, effectively guiding you through the process to ensure an outcome that can be enjoyed and appreciated for a lifetime. 

Having professional drawings and documentation created will also allow you the freedom of requesting quotes from several different Builders, ensuring that each professional is well informed of your preferences and specifications and in turn, allowing them to put together an accurate quotation that you can realistically compare with other prices you’ve received for the same project. 

Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Making up the bulk of your new bathroom’s decorative features, bathroom tiles will effectively set the groundwork for your chosen bathroom design theme. Our knowledgeable team of in-house Interior Designers will assist and guide you through the process to ensure your tile selections will tie in seamlessly with your home’s existing style. 

bathroom tiles
Perini Solo collection

Our sleek and stylish Solo collection is inspired by natural marble and constructed of quality porcelain. Being a porcelain tile, this range can be used as both a floor and wall tile, allowing you to mix and match different colours from within the same collection for a cohesive look. 

When selecting your new bathroom tiles, it is important to note that different tile materials can have different uses. For example, ceramic tiles are most suited to vertical applications whereas porcelain tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile. Once again, our team at Perini Tiles will keep you informed on the qualities and characteristic of each tile’s material throughout your selection consultation.  

Selecting your Finishes & Fittings 

Selecting your finishes and fittings is perhaps the most exciting part of creating your new bathroom! After selecting your new bathroom tiles, experiment with colour and texture in the remainder of your bathroom finishes to develop a complete theme, thus creating your bathroom renovation mood board.

You will also want to research your options in terms of bathroom fittings to find the best options that will fit your needs and budget. Our friends at Reece for example, have an immense catalogue of bathroom fittings to suit any design style or price range, with inspirational design ideas available for viewing both on their website and showroom. After narrowing down your options, visit your nearest bathroomware showroom to view these pieces and get a good feel for them prior to making any final decisions. Many bathroom showrooms offer the opportunity to test out their collections of showerheads for example, while other important items to look at during your visit include vanity units, bathtubs, accessories as well as toilet suites. 

Plan your Storage

Bathroom storage should always be considered throughout the planning process to ensure it is adequate for your family’s needs. This can include your new vanity unit, medicine cabinet, wall shelves and any other storage options that may be necessary in your new bathroom, such as wall shelves in the shower enclosure or over a bathtub, as well as robe hooks and towel rails or ladders that can hold more than one towel at a time where needed. Family bathrooms normally require several added elements of storage to accommodate for each family member’s individual needs, with spare shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, towels, make-up and other assorted toiletries all having a place in your new bathroom. Consider what items you are wanting to keep stored away in the bathroom and ensure allowances have been planned out prior to settling on a final design. 

fredirico collectionReece’s characteristic Kado Lux collection of vanity units uses elements of period style architecture to create a luxurious finish for your bathroom storage.

Bathroom Lighting

Never to be overlooked, lighting in your bathroom will also have to be carefully thought out and planned in order to create a successful renovation. Lighting is normally designed to include ambient solutions that offer overall illumination as well as more focused task lighting that will effectively light up key areas where extra light is required, for example over your wall mirror. The best bathroom lighting plan will ideally include a source of natural light such as a large window or skylight, combined with artificial lighting solutions for perfectly balanced illumination in the space. 


Once your bathroom renovation is complete, it is time to accessorise! New décor and accessories will complete your overall bathroom look, adding a fresh and lively touch to the space and ideally highlighting or complementing the room’s design features. It is often best to select and purchase your accessories once the renovation is complete, offering you the chance to have a proper look at the final design and fill in any areas you want to truly pop. Allow yourself some creative freedom here; after all, decorative accessories can be easily (and affordably) changed up when your tastes or needs change later on down the track. Experiment with potted plants, colourful textured bathroom towels, soap dispensers, canisters and more to create your perfect bathroom colour scheme.

Following these steps, you can ensure a smooth, thoroughly researched and carefully planned out renovation process that will leave you with a beautiful and functional space you can enjoy for a lifetime. Make sure to visit with our in-house team of Interior Designers in our Richmond tile showroom who will be able to assist you in the creation of your dream bathroom.