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Planning a Bathroom Renovation in the New Year? Here’s a List of Trending Fixtures and Fittings

When planning a bathroom renovation, drawing inspiration from current and forecasted trends is an excellent place to start. This research allows you to perfectly hone in on your own unique interior design style in order to create the perfect look in your own home. As bathroom tile trends of 2021 veer towards introducing more textured, comforting surface finishes in our homes, so do trends in bathroom fixtures and fittings. These bathroom solutions aim to enhance comfort in our homes in creating a space that is truly welcoming.

A Modern Shower Experience

Using the latest in bathroomware technology, shower systems are becoming more customisable as well as water wise. Water efficient shower systems of the past would often compromise on pressure, leading to a lacklustre bathing experience. Modern shower systems however, combine water and air to create more pressure allowing for a more consistent and powerful bathing experience while still reducing water consumption. 

Traditional chrome shower fittings will never fade from style however we are seeing more and more designs using the versatile gold and matte black finishes. These exciting options pave the way for more unique and personalised bathroom designs while also looking right at home in a wide range if different interior design styles, from the popular Hamptons style of bathroom to more industrial looks. 

Luxurious Gold Tapware

Gold bathroom tapware can be used to create a luxurious vibe in your bathroom design project. These finishes can be paired perfectly with just about any range of materials and colour palettes for a unique touch in your bathroom renovation, providing the perfect design solution for classical themes as well as modern and contemporary designs. Thanks to their versatility and timeless appeal, we’ll be seeing plenty more gold finishes in bathroom designs throughout 2021 and beyond!


gold shower tap ware

Gold shower fittings looking very stylish against Greg Natale Point Marble Mosaics


chrome bathroom fixtures

Gold tapware in the bathroom creates a luxurious and timeless look that effortlessly ties in with a range of different colours and finishes. Sussex Taps will also colour match for a unique personalised look. Paired with a blush pink basin and our rich Calacatta wall tiles, the bright gold of the tapware creates a stunning feature element.

Matte Black Tapware

Another interesting alternative to traditional chrome bathroom fittings, black tapware came into vogue a few years ago and has remained a popular design choice ever since. We will continue to see many new bathrooms in the new year using sleek matte black fittings, creating a refreshingly modern look in the home. Black bathroom fittings have managed to cement their longevity and appeal in the home as they provide a versatile and easy to clean surface, with most surfaces only requiring a quick wipe to keep clean (unlike the traditional polished chrome fittings that would often require a decent amount of polishing!). Black tapware and matching fittings such as towel rails, robe hooks and toilet roll holders create a bold and stylish look in the bathroom while also providing a contrasting element for your selected bathroom tiles and décor. 

black bathroom fittings

Combined with our elegant Rosa Portogallo collection, black tapware creates a striking contrast for a luxuriously timeless look.

Curved Bathroom Features

Whether custom designed or ready-made, bathroom fittings can be used to create the ultimate statement piece in your next bathroom renovation. Curves are especially on trend, recalling the ornate yet timeless designs of the Art Deco period. The below bathroom for example, uses curved elements on the mirror and basin to introduce soft, organic and elegant lines in the bathroom.

Combined with our elegant Teknika Italian Terrazzo collection, curved mirror, basin and black tapware creates a beautiful design element.

After the trying year we’ve all experienced, embracing and emphasising the comforts of home is a must! Bathroom design trends of 2021 will be focusing more on comfort, function, sustainability and timeless appeal to create spaces that combine security with endless appeal for a more welcoming environment. Our Richmond Tile Showroom is full of inspiration, with all the latest in bathroom tile trends, cabinetry finishes and even benchtops, allowing you to select from a range of options to create the perfect design scheme with our friendly staff guiding you along the way. Book a free online design consultation or visit our showroom to view our complete collection!