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Perfection through Imperfection, Hand Made Tiles.

DiLusso is simply unique and the perfect combination between ancient tradition and contemporary design. Every single piece is produced completely by hand in Italy, with the love and passion of master artisans.

These unique products are completely ecological and made with 100%  renewable energy.
Clay, water, fire and air are the four natural elements needed to manufacture DiLusso.  The production process starts with an accurate selection of the best clays, carefully blended and with ancient handcraft techniques without the aid of mechanical machinery.

Each piece is shaped using handmade wooden moulds and left on the ground for 20 days until it is completely dry. During this delicate process the tiles are checked daily with scrupulous quality controls to make sure that each piece dries properly.

Once the tiles are completely dry they are finished on the edges and finally baked for ten days in a wood-burning ancient stone kiln. This process gives exceptional strength to the tiles, and enhances the stunning and unique colour variations.

Colors are never completely the same or uniform; they are the perfect mix of oxides, crystalline and glazes. Carefully blended they create innumerable shades and unique hues.

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