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Penny Round Tiles: 6 Ways to use them in your home

A classic tile option, penny round mosaic tiles create a wonderfully tactile surface finish in the home. These exciting mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of applications, from creating that perfect feature wall in the bathroom or an elegant inclusion to your kitchen design scheme. Being available in a vast range of materials such as natural stone, porcelain and more, certain penny round tile collections can even be used as a flooring solution, offering a world of possibilities in your next interior design project!

1. Bathroom Feature Wall

Create a stunning feature element in your bathroom using penny round tiles for a wonderfully textured look. This classic tile format can be found in a vast range of different materials, colours and textures, ensuring there is an option that will suit your bathroom design scheme perfectly while also assisting in tying together all of your coordinating design elements. 

penny round bathroom

 Stone Penny Rounds have been used in this modern bathroom design scheme to effortlessly tie together the natural timber texture with the deep charcoal floor and wall tiles to achieve a well-balanced design scheme.

2. Shower Niche Feature Tiles

If you are instead looking for a small feature element in the bathroom or would like to complement a penny round tiled feature wall, these timeless mosaic tiles make for the perfect option in your new shower niche. Mosaic tiles are small enough to fit in the dimensions of a standard shower niche quite comfortably, making them the perfect choice in tiling these smaller areas. 

Soft, delicate pink marble mosaic tiles are used as a feature element in this playful bathroom design scheme, with the same tiles being reflected in the shower niche to tie the look together. The Rosetta natural tile collection includes a range of different shapes, from classic styles such as penny round and herringbone tiles to subway, Kit Kat tiles and even this exciting ‘crazy paver’ style that offers a break away from traditional options.

3. Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Timeless and elegant, penny round tiles can be used as a kitchen splashback tile to instantly add a touch of colour and pattern to your kitchen design scheme. Penny round mosaic tiles are not only available in a variety of materials and colours but also in a range of sizes to help you create that perfect look. In the vibrant kitchen design scheme below, mini penny round tiles have been used to create a subtle textured splashback that is in perfect harmony with the colours and materials used throughout the design.

kitchen Moda splash back tiles

The ever stylish Moda collection includes a range of colours and various shapes to help you create that perfect designer touch in the kitchen, including these luscious mini penny round tiles.

4. Kitchen Island Feature Tile

Including a glamorous kitchen island is an excellent way to increase the functionality of your design. Aside from providing more bench and storage space, a well designed kitchen island can also accommodate a seating area while also creating a decorative feature element for an open plan home. Penny round tiles can be used to clad the bare panel of the kitchen island that faces your living or dining area to create a dramatic and timeless look. Highlight your tiled feature with LED strip lighting for that perfect finishing touch. 


A wonderfully timeless choice for the home, the Glacier collection includes a range of different geometric pattern tiles made of glimmering glass to create a luxurious vibe in your new design. Featured in this stylish kitchen renovation by Perini Renovations, the penny round Glacier tiles have been used to create a feature on the central kitchen island for a glamorous finishing touch.

5. Penny Round Splash back Tiles

As penny round mosaic tiles are available in such a large variety of materials, you have the creative freedom of selecting from specific types that are perfectly suited for wall and floor applications throughout the home. These collections are most often made using natural stone such as marble for example which are strong and durable enough to be able to withstand foot traffic in the home.

The luxurious Rosa Portogallo collection offers a combination of pastel toned natural stone tiles that is suitable for both floor and wall use in the home.

6. Accessories & Décor

Complement your mosaic tiled feature elements throughout the home with DIY accessories that use the same tile. Add a few extra sheets of tiles to your order that you can use to create your own matching decorative touches in the home, from bathroom display trays, wall art, picture frames and more. These DIY pieces are not only fun to create yourself but will create that perfect finishing touch in your interior decorating scheme as it will unify your accessories with your tiling for a cohesive look in your home. 

Penny round tiles offer a range of design solutions in the home with so many new and exciting colours and materials available to choose from. Where some of these collections are restricted to wall use only, you will also find specific options that are a perfect fit as a floor finish, offering a range of possibilities in your next interior design project. Our team of design consultants can assist you in the selections of your new tiles along with coordinating materials and finishes such as cabinetry options and benchtops for the perfect look. Visit our tile showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your project today!