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Pattern & Colour: 5 Retro Inspired Bathroom Tiles

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Creating a retro inspired bathroom design theme is simple with the right tiles! Bathroom tiles are available in an endless range of colours, shapes and patterns, allowing you to experiment with any number of creative styles for that perfect designer touch in your home. From elegant pattern tiles, classic encaustic look tiles or bold colourful tile options, these are our top picks in retro inspired bathroom tiles!

Retro Bathroom Tiles: Bold Citrus Colours

A classic retro theme will incorporate bold bursts of colour with luscious citrus tones being a favourite choice. Bright orange, lime green or vivid yellow tones are all classic colour options when it comes to creating a retro theme in the bathroom. These dynamic colours can be paired with simple, modern textures to add a contemporary touch: soft grey concretes, crisp white fittings or rustic timbers will all pair well with these stronger colours, adding a modern touch to a retro themed interior design scheme.

Cabra colour porcelain tiles

Available in various size options and a rainbow of different colour ways, our Cabra tiles are a versatile porcelain collection that can be used as a floor and wall tile in the bathroom.  

Vintage Pattern Tiles

From classic floral patterns to contemporary geometric styles, pattern tiles are a sure-fire solution to adding that retro/vintage touch to your new bathroom design scheme. These types of tiles can be used to create a stunning feature element in your home, whether you opt to create a bathroom feature floor or feature wall. Complement your pattern feature tiles with solid coloured tiles to create a harmonious and well-balanced look in your new retro inspired bathroom design scheme.

Dolce Pattern Tiles_Vintage Bathroom

The elegant Dolce collection will add a retro/vintage charm to your new bathroom! This classic tile collection includes a selection of striking pattern options and can be used as both a floor and wall tile.

Timeless Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have long been a favourite choice in the home, offering a stylish yet timeless aesthetic that can pair well with a range of design styles, colours and materials. First created as a means of using up excess materials from the stone and glass industries, terrazzo tiles continue to be made in the traditional way: Assorted chips of stone or coloured glass are randomly scattered in a wet cement tile to create the uniquely speckled style that has become synonymous with this particular tile design. Terrazzo tiles will offer a timeless look while recalling historic design styles making for an ideal solution when looking to add a retro touch to your bathroom design scheme.

Positano Terrazzo Look Tiles

Made in Italy, the Positano collection includes a selection of versatile neutral colour options that will easily complement a range of materials and colours in a retro inspired bathroom.

Encaustic Look Pattern Tiles for a Retro Inspired Bathroom

Authentic encaustic tiles (also referred to as cement tiles or concrete tiles) can be used in the bathroom to add a strong element of texture, colour and pattern in your design, Although these tiles will provide a long lasting and incredibly durable finish in the bathroom, they are best avoided for use as a shower base tile as exposure to pressurised water as well as certain ingredients found in shampoos can discolour the tile’s surface. Instead, you can use encaustic look tiles; these tiles are made of a porcelain material and have been specifically designed to emulate the look and feel of an authentic concrete tile, allowing for an excellent alternative in these sorts of applications.

Retro Collection_Retro Inspired Bathroom

Available in a wide selection of solid colours and pattern tile options, the aptly named Retro tile collection will add a strong sense of character to your new bathroom!

Handmade Look Porcelain Tiles for a Retro Inspired Bathroom

Handmade tiles will show variations in colour, shape, texture and thickness as a result of the hand-making process. These variations add to their charm and warm aesthetic, creating a tactile and welcoming experience in the bathroom. As can be expected of a handmade product, these tiles can be quite pricey however, handmade look tiles offer the next best solution! Although these collections are machine made, they will still feature variations between one tile to the next to enhance their handmade appearance, allowing this designer look to be achieved at a different price point.

Sora_Retro Inspired Bathroom

Suitable for floors and walls, the Sora collection includes a range of luxurious neutral toned options as well as bold and vivid colours to choose from. These stunning gloss tiles can be used to create feature elements of a retro inspired bathroom design scheme or used as an all over wall tile for the bathroom.

Creating a retro inspired bathroom design scheme starts with the right tiles! Select from an exciting range of pattern tile options, terrazzo tiles or handmade look tiles and combine with a range of on-theme colours and materials for a luxurious designer look in your new bathroom. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you though the tile selection process whilst curating the perfect colour scheme for your home. Visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here!