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Pantone’s Colours of the Year 2021

Pantone is a US based company that is most famous for their Pantone Matching System (PMS) which is essentially a universal catalogue of colours. Each colour, tone and shade is assigned its own unique code, allowing users in various design industries across the world to collaborate easily and efficiently as exact colours can be specified using the unique coding system. The Pantone system is most popular in the world of graphic design, fashion design, product design and of course, interiors and décor.  

Each year, the design industry eagerly awaits Pantone’s Colour of the Year announcement with this year’s selections revealing a very contemporary look that is thoughtful, reflective and hopeful for the future.

Pantone 2021

Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Grey and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating have both been selected as the colours of 2021, combining a light smoky grey tone with a vibrant and cheerful yellow representing strength and hope while being both enduring and uplifting – A very appropriate choice for the end of 2020!

These and similar shades are reflected in the world of interior design, especially in current and upcoming tile trends. Through 2021 and beyond, we’ll be seeing plenty more colour being used in our interior design schemes, with tiles providing the perfect means to create a truly personal look in your next project. From bathroom tiles to kitchen splashback tiles and all options in between, bright and bold coloured tiles can be used to create the ultimate feature element while being perfectly complemented or balanced out using a softer tones to achieve a harmonious look.

Our Ravine subway tiles are available in a wide range of vibrant colours to help you create the perfect colour story in your next design project. The handmade-look tiles are pictured in the colour Sunshine which is a perfect accompaniment to light, smoky grey tones, tying in seamlessly with Pantone’s colour selections of 2021.

Grey tones have long been favoured in interior design as the shade provides the perfect complement to more vibrant colours or patterns, acting as a neutral element in the overall design scheme. Through the years, various shades of grey have been more dominant in interiors (such as the ever popular ‘greige’ – a combination of grey and beige!) however, soft dove greys have secured their place as a classic, timeless choice, making Pantone’s colour selections for 2021 all the more appropriate. As trends through 2021 lean towards creating a sense of comfort and security, dove grey tones make for an excellent design choice that is the perfect solution to balancing out more vibrant hues used throughout the home in feature elements, accessories and décor. 

A range of soft grey tones feature in our stylish Washington collection to create a modern yet timeless look in this modern bathroom design. Perfectly simulating the colour variations of traditional concrete, these porcelain tiles offer a low maintenance alternative option for the home.

Using yellow in your interior design schemes instantly creates feelings of warmth and optimism in a cheery atmosphere. Various shades of yellow have been emerging as a hot trend over the last year, with deep mustard tones being especially favoured thanks to their versatility in matching with a range of trending retro inspired colours such as burnt orange, navy blues and mossy greens. Pantone’s colour selections use a bolder and brighter yellow tone to represent hope and strength after the difficult year that was 2020. This brighter tone creates the perfect contrast to dove grey tones, as we have seen in interior decorating trends over the last couple of years. This perfect pairing can be used throughout your home’s design and decorating scheme to create a bold yet soothing and timeless atmosphere and can be especially appealing in the bathroom and kitchen when used to create a feature element in your design scheme. 


Made entirely by hand in Australia, our glistening Speciale collection of ceramic tiles is a celebration of colour. Being a handmade product, each piece is unique, with slight variations in shape and colour that when placed together will create a spectacular patchwork style effect for the ultimate feature element in your design.

Pantone’s colours of 2021 are the perfect representation of stability, strength, hope and endurance – all excellent descriptors of the qualities, feelings and emotions we are all seeking in the new year after the difficulties faced in 2020. Using cheerful shades of yellow in the home creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfectly balanced out or diluted with the use of soft greys to create a soothing yet optimistic environment that is perfect for your interiors. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the creation of your perfect colour scheme with in-showroom as well as online design consultations available where we can coordinate the perfect palette for your project, combining tiles, benchtops and cabinetry samples to create the perfect look.