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Outdoor Pool Tiles: Design Trends for 2023

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Trends in outdoor pool tiles are shifting to embrace a warmer style that is heavily influenced by nature. These luscious outdoor pool tiles create a serene look in your garden that will complement the outdoors, becoming one with the landscape rather than competing against it. From long lasting and infinitely durable outdoor floor tiles to luscious porcelain or glass pool tiles, these are the top tiling choices that will be trending in the new year.

Outdoor Paving, Patios & Pool Surround Tiles

Outdoor floor tiles make for a durable, long lasting and of course, a stylish finish in your landscape design scheme. There are many elegant options available from modern porcelain tile solutions to luxurious natural stone tiles. Each of these options can be used in your landscape design scheme to create pathways and define zones in your garden for a tidy and organised layout.

Caido Outdoor Tiles

One of our latest additions in our extensive outdoor tile collection, Caido offers a wide selection of colour options in a classic square tile format. These natural stone tiles include a selection of marble varieties along with various travertine tile options, allowing you to choose from single tile types or mixing and matching tiles to create a unique look.

Legno Timber Tiles_Outdoor Tiles

Our Legno timber tiles are made of durable porcelain that has been designed to recreate the same look and feel of a traditional timber finish. These impressive modern tiles can be used as an alternative to timber decking in outdoor spaces, offering a modern, warm and rustic look to complement your landscape.

Outdoor Pool Tiles: Glass Mosaic Tile Options

Glass mosaic tile options are perhaps the most popular choice for outdoor pools. Glass mosaic tiles are available in an endless range of colours with a variety of sizes available to help you create the exact look you are after in your outdoor design scheme, whether that includes solid coloured tiles, blends of different colours or creative artwork and murals. Going into 2023, we will be seeing more options available that emphasise sustainability with recycled glass tiles being a strong option for the eco-conscious when building or renovating a home. Glass is a material that can be endlessly recycled, meaning it does not break down or lose quality each time it is put through the recycling process. This characteristic ensures a sustainable solution for the home that can be used in all areas for a glamorous design touch.

Omnia_Outdoor Pool Tiles

With a focus on sustainability, our Omnia glass pool tiles are made using 98% recycled glass. These elegant tiles feature a luscious combination of leafy green colours to create a harmonious style in your outdoor design scheme.

Porcelain Pool Tile Options

Taking a step away from the traditional glass pool tile options, many modern varieties of porcelain tiles can also be used as an outdoor pool tile. Outdoor porcelain pool tiles offer a range of modern shapes and finishes to choose from including stylish fish scale mosaic tiles, picket shaped tiles, pattern tile options and more. These outdoor pool tiles can be used to create a stunning look in your outdoor pool’s design scheme, adding a touch of pattern and character to the pool’s water line while adding a sense of luscious texture that will be enhanced by the light playing on the water’s surface.

Murray_Outdoor Pool Tiles

Our playful Murray collection features a modern picket style shape that can be used to adorn your outdoor pool’s waterline, creating an elegant pattern. The collection includes a selection of cheerful colour options in a gloss or matte finish.

Fishscale_Outdoor Pool Tiles

Available in a selection of aquatic themed colour options, the fish scale mosaic tile collection features a wonderfully crazed finish in a glazed porcelain option that is suitable for use as an outdoor pool tile.

Where modern pool tiles aim to include more colour and pattern in our outdoor spaces, modern outdoor floor tiles are embracing more of a “back to nature” approach in their design with timber look options and natural stone tiles increasing in popularity over the new year. Whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting us in person at our Richmond tiles store, our showroom is choc-full of exciting modern options for any outdoor design scheme!