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Outdoor Pool Tiles: 4 Luxurious Options

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Outdoor pool tiles are available in an impressive range of luxurious options, from travertine tile varieties that will add a stylish touch to your pool surrounds to elegant, shimmering glass mosaic tiles for a timeless yet luxurious look.

Travertine Tile Options as a Pool Surround Solution

Travertine is a natural stone (a form of limestone that is deposited in the areas surrounding mineral springs) that is often used throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces, providing a sense of warmth, texture and character to any style of interior design. These tiles will often feature luscious naturally occurring variations in colour and pattern, creating a wondrously earthy element in your outdoor design scheme. You will find many luxurious travertine tile options available, each with its own unique charm and character, allowing you to experiment with a selection of natural textures and colours while effortlessly complementing the lush greenery of your home’s outdoor spaces. Travertine tile options feature a natural strong grip texture making certain specific options suitable for use as an outdoor pool surround tile.

Tumbler Travertine Tiles

Timeless and luxurious, our Tumbler travertine tile collection combines 100 x 200mm and 100 x 100mm tile sizes to create a strong element of pattern and interest in your outdoor design scheme. Thanks to travertine’s slip-resistant qualities, the Tumbler collection can be used in outdoor applications, allowing for a rich and earthy look.

Glass Swimming Pool Tiles

Glass swimming pool tiles are a classic choice, providing an exceptionally hygienic outdoor tile option that can easily withstand the constant exposure to the elements. Glass is a non-porous material which will not require sealing, making glass tiles an ideal option for outdoor applications where a low maintenance material is often preferred. There are many glass swimming pool tiles available in an endless range of colours that will help you create that perfect look in your outdoor design scheme while also allowing you the creative freedom to experiment with different patterns and even tile murals for a unique finishing touch!

Bisazza_outdoor pool tiles

Sleek, stylish and timeless, classic glass mosaic swimming pool tiles allow for endless creative possibilities. These tiles are available in a rainbow of vivid colours while also allowing you the option of creating a show-stopping tile mural in your outdoor pool! Our Bisazza pool tiles can be custom ordered to suit your individual colour and pattern preferences with a variety of colours, sizes and textures available.

Porcelain Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Porcelain tiles are well known for their immense durability and strength in both indoor and outdoor applications. With outdoor specific porcelain tiles available, you can create stunning pool designs using a combination of outdoor swimming pool tiles and stylish porcelain pool surround floor tile solutions. These tiles can be found in a vast range of options that are designed to emulate the authentic look and feel of natural materials such as stone and timber for example.

Payan_outdoor pool tiles

Our Payan mosaic tiles are made of durable porcelain, offering a versatile outdoor tile solution that can be used as an interior wall or floor surface option or as an outdoor pool tile. The collection includes a selection of stunning neutral colours as well as a classic Mediterranean blue option, allowing for a range of creative outdoor designs.

You will also find porcelain tiles that have been designed to offer the appearance and texture of concrete tiles, allowing you a vast range of alternative solutions that are both safe and stylish for use as an outdoor tile solution.

Fishscale Mosaic Outdoor Swimming Pool Tiles

Fishscale mosaic tiles add a playful element to your outdoor design scheme while providing an on-theme pattern that is perfectly suited for use as an outdoor pool tile. You will find certain specific collections available in these stylish shapes that are designed for use as much more than a decorative feature tile in the home but also as a long lasting and incredibly durable swimming pool tile solution.

Fishscale_outdoor pool tiles

Our Fishscale tiles are available in a selection of vibrant aquatic themed colours. The range features a tactile crazed surface texture that will add a stunning look in your outdoor pool as their glistening surface reacts to the natural light and water.

Outdoor swimming pool tiles can be found in a range of exciting options from earthy travertine tile solutions that are ideal for use as a pool surround tile to sleek, shimmering glass tiles as well as modern porcelain tile solutions that will allow you to experiment with a range of unique textures and styles. Our team at Perini Tiles will recommend the very best outdoor tile options to suit your intended application as you explore the many luxurious solutions available in our Richmond tile showroom.