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Ordering Tile Samples: A Crucial Step in the Design Process

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Ordering tile samples is a crucial step in the design and planning process of any project. Tile samples will offer the most accurate representation of just how your selected tiles will appear when paired with your chosen materials and colour palette while also offering you the opportunity to see just how your selections will present in your own home’s natural lighting. We explore the many reasons why having tile samples on hand during your project’s planning process is an all important step in order to achieve the best results possible.

Ordering Tile Samples: Lifestyle Images vs. Samples

Images of tiles online or in printed catalogues offer an excellent tool in communicating how a certain tile will look when paired with different colours and materials. These types of lifestyle images will also offer inspiration on how different tiles can be used in the home, presenting a range of creative design solutions that you may not have considered during the planning process. It is important to note however that although these images provide an incredibly useful tool in communicating design ideas and styles, tiles and other materials can sometimes differ in tone, colour or texture in person. This can be a result of a combination of different factors such as lighting systems used in professional photo shoots, the type of ink and paper used in print media or the specific settings of a computer monitor when viewing images on the screen. This is why it always recommended to view your selected tiles in person and order tile samples in order to get the most accurate representation of colour, tone and texture prior to placing your tile order.

Paper41 Pro_Porcelain Sheet Tiles

Our Paper41 Pro collection is used as a feature in this contemporary styled powder room. In this example, the space is quite dark and does not receive any natural light, making the luscious botanical tiles appear darker. This dark and moody aesthetic is further enhanced by the deeper tones used to complement the bold and vibrant colours of these feature tiles.

Viewing Tiles in your Home

When planning a home renovation, viewing your selected tiles in your own home is a crucial step in the design process in order to ensure a well informed decision. You would be surprised at just how different tiles and other product samples can appear in different types of lighting! If you are planning a bathroom renovation for example, make sure to order samples of your preferred bathroom tiles and other coordinating finishes (including paint chips, benchtop products, cabinetry samples, hardware, etc.) and place these items in your existing bathroom. Have a look at different times throughout the day and evening to see how your chosen colour and materials palette reacts to different tones in natural lighting as well as artificial lighting. This crucial step in the selection process will allow you the most accurate representation of a particular tile’s colour and style within your own home’s unique lighting setup, ensuring a well informed decision for your project.

Nestos Marble Tiles_Ordering Tile Samples

Viewing tile samples in your own home’s natural and artificial lighting setup is an all important step in the renovation process as this will offer the most accurate representation of your tile selections’ colour and tone as it reacts to different sources of light. Natural stone tiles such as our Nestos collection for example, will feature a range of different tones and patterns which can show up differently when placed under different sources of light.

Ordering Tile Samples From Different Batches

Sometimes, tiles can look different from their samples as a result of other factors such as their manufacturing process or the materials used in their creation. Tile shop samples and displays are carefully chosen to offer the most accurate representation of the selected tile however, factors such as differing batches or variations in a tile’s character can affect the appearance of a tile sample. Most tiles are made using raw materials from varying natural clays to natural stones such as marble or travertine; as can be expected in products that are made using natural materials, a certain level of variation can be present.

Ceramic and porcelain tile collections are both made using a combination of natural clays. These raw materials can have some differences in their natural characteristics which may affect the final outcome of manufactured tiles. In the case of handmade tiles (including encaustic tiles which are usually handmade), seeing some level of variation is also expected as each tile will be unique from the next as a result of the hand crafting process. For a more detailed exploration of variations within tile batches, see our guide here. This is not to say that your tiles will be vastly different from the original sample however, expecting some level of difference is a normal factor when it comes to shopping for tiles.

Fez Bejmat Moroccan Tiles_Ordering Tile Samples

Certain collections of porcelain or ceramic tiles are designed to emulate the appearance and texture of a handmade tile, offering a designer look at a different price point. Although these specific tile collections will offer a little more uniformity than authentically handmade pieces, you can still expect to see some variations in their tone, texture, colour, shape and thickness as their intention is to imitate the luxuriously varying look of a handcrafted product. Our Fez Bejmat collection is made of durable porcelain and is designed to emulate the look and feel of an authentically handmade tile.

When planning your next project, ordering tile samples is an all important step in the design process as this allows you the opportunity to view your selected tiles in your home’s natural light while also allowing you to better curate your colour and materials palette. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense display of tiles for you to choose from for your next project; we can supply you with tile samples to take home after your visit or alternatively, you can order your tile samples online through our online tiles store.

For those in the design or construction industries, we welcome you to host a walkthrough in our showroom with your clients to see our entire collection; you are also welcome to reach out to us here to set up a trade account and order tile samples for your project.