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Online Tile Shopping: Ordering Sample Tiles Online

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When ordering tiles online, it can be difficult to have a realistic representation of your chosen tile. Factors such as your own home’s natural lighting as well as the materials and colours that will be surrounding your new tiles when they are installed will both affect their final appearance. Viewing tiles in images online can offer you a good understanding of how they will appear however, Perini Tiles always recommends ordering sample tiles online prior to making purchase and wherever possible, visiting our Richmond tile showroom to view full size samples in person in order to make the best informed decision. When online tile shopping though, we can offer some tips and guidance to ensure the very best outcome for your next project, from what exactly to expect when ordering tiles and tile samples online to testing out your samples prior to making a commitment.

Online Tile Shopping: What to Expect when Ordering Sample Tiles Online

Ordering sample tiles online is simple in our online tile store – You will find a step-by-step guide to ordering your tile samples here. When browsing through our online tile store, you will see the option to select tile samples to add to your order. These are sent directly to your door where you will have the opportunity to view and test out your selected tiles prior to making a purchase.

Asiago collection_Online tile shopping

Our Asiago collection represents the characteristic appearance of terrazzo tiles in a durable porcelain alternative. When ordering tile samples online, you will receive a small cutting of larger format tiles such as these which can be used to create your colour scheme and view just how the tile’s tone and texture will react in your home’s natural lighting.

It is important to note that tile samples are all sourced from different batches of tiles which can lead to variations in depth of colour, texture, finish or pattern. These samples are intended to offer you a realistic snapshot of the colour of the tile as well as the finish or texture which although there may be some slight variations between samples and the finished product, these are most often not drastically dissimilar, meaning you are able to make properly informed decision when using tile samples.

Testing your Tile Samples

When you receive your tile samples, testing them out in your home’s natural light is a crucial step. Place your tile sample in the area where you will be installing your new tiles and make sure to view them at different times of the day, from morning to evening. You may be surprised at how different colours can seem in your own home as opposed to showroom setting, making this an all important step to take when selecting tiles! If you have sample pieces of other products that will be included in your home renovation, lay these beside your tile samples to see how the colours react together in all sorts of light, which will once again offer you a better visualisation on how the final colour scheme will react together.

Colori collection_Online Tile Shopping

Our Colori collection offers an elegant pattern tile option for the home. These tiles are available in a vast range of patterns as well as solid coloured tile options that can be used together to create a sense of balance in your design scheme.

Ordering Tiles Online

When you are ready to place your tile order, you can select your tile quantities and place your order directly through our website. Should you require tips, advice or assistance, our team at Perini Tiles is on hand to assist via phone, email or online design consultations (where available).

Ordering tiles online is simple using the right tools. Our website is full of inspiration and guides to help you along the way with online ordering of tiles and tile samples available to help you make the most informed decision for your home renovation.