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On Trend: Moroccan Bathroom Tiles

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Moroccan tiles have been hand made using traditional techniques for many years. These unique and timeless tiles are especially popular in the bathroom as their elegant colour options and stylish patterns create the perfect feature element in any design scheme while also providing a sleek and glossy surface finish that is not only simple to keep clean and tidy but will also reflect light throughout your interiors, making for a bright and colourful look in the home. 


A traditional form of tile making, the term Moroccan tiles refers to the tradition of Moroccan Zellige. This artistic style was made popular in Moroccan architecture, featuring a range of striking colours and bold, geometric patterns. These tiles continue to be hand made using centuries old techniques that are passed down from one generation to the next. 

Arabian handmade tiles

Authentically handmade Moroccan tiles, our Arabian collection includes a wide range of colours, from soft pastel tones to deep, earthy hues and plenty more. Each piece is different from the next in shape, texture and colour, creating a stylish, unique and incredibly tactile element in any style of bathroom design.


Moroccan tiles can be used in the bathroom to create a stunning feature element. The bold, vivid colour options, unique shapes and intricate patterns instantly bring life to any design scheme, adding an intense burst of colour that can easily be balanced out with a range of neutral tones in the remaining elements of your design scheme for a harmonious look. These stylish tiles can be used as a feature wall in the shower, behind a freestanding bathtub or luxurious vanity unit for a luxurious and timeless look in your next bathroom design project. 


For those looking for more of an economical choice, handmade-look tiles are the next best option. This alternative to traditionally handmade Moroccan tiles offers a cost effective design solution for the bathroom that is equally simple to care for and maintain as handmade tiles. The key difference however is that your options in terms of shape and colour will be limited to the manufacturer’s selection, unlike authentically handmade Moroccan tiles which offer the flexibility of customised shapes and colours. 

casablanca handmade tiles

Our Casablanca collection offers a range of shapes and deeply saturated colour options that can be completely customised to suit your own style preferences. The collection is entirely hand made in Australia and boasts wonderfully tactile variations in the surface finish and colour depth as can only truly be achieved with an authentically hand crafted product.

You will also notice that handmade-look tiles do not offer the same amount of variation as one would expect in an authentically handmade product, with some amount of repetition in the batch of tiles. When selecting from handmade-look tile options, an important factor to consider is the tile’s V rating or value; this figure refers to the amount of variations you can expect in a particular range of tiles, allowing you to make a better informed decision. You can find out more about the different types of tile ratings in our guide.  


Moroccan tiles are incredibly simple to maintain thanks to their sleek, glossy surface finish. As the tiles normally include a glaze that is baked onto the tile during the kiln-firing process, sponges and cloths will simply glide across their surface, minimising the amount of scrubbing required in keeping the bathroom spot-free. 

Drawing inspiration from the traditional lantern shapes and intricate patterns most commonly featured in Moroccan tiles, our Berber Lantern Tiles offer a unique and modern spin on a traditional look. The collection includes both plain and patterned tile varieties that can be combined to create a unique finish in your next bathroom renovation.

The glaze creates a sleek, glass-like finish to the surface of the tiles which not only allows for a simple to clean surface but will also create a watertight barrier across the tile. This means that these tiles will not require sealing, once again ensuring a low maintenance surface finish for the bathroom where it is perhaps needed the most!

Whether you opt to use an authentically handmade product or a handmade-look tile, Moroccan tiles will add colour, texture and a strong sense of character to the bathroom, making the ultimate in feature elements in any design style whether it be more classically inspired or contemporary themed. These timeless tiles offer the perfect finishing touch to the bathroom, allowing light to travel throughout the space for a brighter look in the bathroom. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect feature tiles for your next bathroom renovation project, while also recommending the best care and maintenance tips to keep your new space looking its best. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your selection! You can also explore more bathroom tile trends in our blog.