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On Trend: Modern Farmhouse Tiles

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The modern farmhouse trend is defined by luscious textures and rich, earthy colours that create feelings of warmth, comfort and tranquillity. Creating a cosy atmosphere in the home is simple with the right combination of materials, textures and finishes. We’ve rounded up our favourite picks in modern farmhouse tiles that will help you create that perfect look in your next home renovation!

Modern Farmhouse Floor Tiles

Terracotta tiles have been used in architecture and design for centuries, creating a rich, earthy aesthetic in the home. These hardwearing tiles offer a stylish choice as a floor tile throughout your home’s interior spaces while also being an excellent choice as an outdoor floor tile. Created using iron rich clays, terracotta tiles offer a classic choice when designing a modern farmhouse look in the home. For more information on traditional terracotta tiles, visit our blog post here and see our cleaning and maintenance guide on our Resources page.

Prato Terracotta Tiles_Modern Farmhouse Tiles

Available in a selection of tile shapes and patterns, our Prato terracotta tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior surfaces as both a floor and wall tile. These luxurious handmade tiles are made in Mexico using traditional techniques, showing luxurious variations in their tone, texture and size as a result of the hand crafting process.

Authentic terracotta tiles can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces however, these earthy handmade tiles are porous and will require sealing if they do not include a glaze on their surface. For those looking to recreate the look of a classic terracotta surface finish without the need for sealing, our porcelain terracotta look tiles offer the next best choice.

Rustika Hexagon Tiles

Our Rustika hexagon tiles offer a stylish representation of authentic terracotta in a durable porcelain finish. These tiles will not require sealing, making for a durable option that is suitable for busy homes.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Tiles

A home’s kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with creating a modern farmhouse style. Truly the heart of the home, a kitchen’s design often dictates the overall interior style of your home. Combine a range of tactile materials in the kitchen such as timber, metal hardware, concrete or natural stone to create a rich and warm aesthetic that will tie in well with a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Konya Pressed Tin Tiles_Modern Farmhouse Tiles

Our Konya wall tiles offer a unique interpretation of traditional pressed tin wall panels. These elegant porcelain tiles feature highly detailed patterns that are designed to be randomly placed, creating a wonderfully tactile look in the kitchen.

Another way to introduce more character and texture in your kitchen design scheme is to include handmade tiles in the space. Handmade tiles are a perfect choice for this style of interior design as their unique imperfections create a strong sense of texture and character while perfectly complementing materials traditionally used in a modern farmhouse style such as timber for example.

Sora Handmade Look Tiles_Modern Farmhouse Tiles

Handmade look tiles can be used in the kitchen to create a richly textured surface finish. A popular kitchen splashback tile solution, these types of tiles will often include a sleek glaze on their surface that makes cleaning up a breeze! Our Sora handmade look tiles are featured in this luxurious space; available in an impressive selection of soft neutral tones as well as bold colours, Sora offers a luxuriously low maintenance option for use as a kitchen tile.

Using Pattern Tiles in the Home

Pattern tiles are available in a selection of different material options such as cement tiles, porcelain tiles and more. These types of tiles are most often a classic square shape and feature a decorative pattern on their surface that will add a burst of colour, energy and character in your interior design scheme. Working especially well in a modern farmhouse styled home, pattern tiles can be used in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom as a decorative yet functional design feature and can also be incorporated in other areas of the home (such as the fireplace, living area or entryway for example) to add a glamorous finishing touch.

Dolce Pattern Tiles_Kitchen Tiles

Available in a selection of traditional and modern pattern options, our Dolce porcelain tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior space to create a stylish decorative finish.

Tactile Bathroom Tiles

Once again, combining rich and earthy textures in the bathroom will tie in well with a modern farmhouse interior design style. Natural stone, timbers and of course, textured tiles will make for the perfect look in your new bathroom design scheme, oferring a welcoming and comforting aesthetic. Handmade tiles, ceramic wall tiles as well as natural stone tiles are all excellent options for a modern farmhouse inspired bathroom, as are timber tiles. Timber tiles are made of durable porcelain and are designed to simulate the look and feel of a real timber surface complete with variations in texture and tone to enhance their realistic appearance. These types of tiles are an excellent choice for the wet and humid environment of the bathroom as unlike real timber, they will not be damaged by excess moisture.

Bastoni Timber Tiles

The elegant Bastoni porcelain timber tiles are available in a rich Walnut and a soft Oak option. These modern tiles can be used in place of real timber in the bathroom, providing a low maintenance alternative solution that will stand up against the humidity and moisture of the bathroom.

Creating Texture with Modern Farmhouse Tiles

This interior design style truly is all about texture! Using a selection of textured tiles throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces will create a sense of continuity in your home’s overall interior design style. Tiling options such as brick look tiles or Cotto tiles (a style of unglazed terracotta tiles) are the perfect options for adding a strong element of texture in any application in the home. Each of these options is available in a variety of warm colour options, each featuring wonderfully tactile textures to enhance any farmhouse design style.

Bata Brick Tiles_Modern Farmhouse Tiles

Our Italian made Bata collection offers a realistic representation of a distressed, rugged brick finish. These porcelain tiles can be used in all sorts of applications throughout the home: Bata can be used to clad a fireplace surround, as a kitchen splashback tile and even as a cladding solution for external facades.

earth collection_cotto tiles

Available in a selection of rich, earthy colour options the Earth collection is made of durable porcelain, effortlessly simulating the luscious textures of an authentic Cotto terracotta tile. The collection includes both indoor and outdoor tile options, allowing you to connect adjoining entertaining spaces to create a seamless look between your indoor/outdoor spaces

By combining a range of tactile textures and earthy materials, you can create the perfect modern farmhouse style in your home. From porcelain timber tiles, terracotta tiles and brick look tiles, there are many exciting options available to choose from to help you create that perfect style! Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through the tile selection process, offering expert tips along the way: visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here.