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On Trend: Mediterranean Design

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Mediterranean design aesthetics are trending in the world of interiors, fusing rustic textures with rich and earthy materials, patterns and colours. Layers of blue along with crisp whites and soft, neutral tones feature heavily in this style of design, influenced by the elegance and charm of the traditional architectural styles of the Mediterranean. Our latest additions in our already immense collection of tiles displays a vibrant range of luxurious designer tile solutions, each displaying its own unique sense of character that will add a personal touch in your home’s design scheme.

Mediterranean Design: Mykonos Pattern Tiles

Our new Mykonos collection combines varying shades of blue with crisp whites to create striking yet subtle patterns. These luscious porcelain tiles are inspired by the elegant and charming aesthetic of the Greek islands, adding a luxurious sense of shape and pattern in your interior design scheme. The Mykonos collection is suitable for use as a floor tile or wall tile, being an excellent choice as a bathroom or kitchen tile solution. Porcelain tiles are well known for their incredible durability, being resistant to moisture, heat, scratching and staining. These qualities will ensure a hard wearing and durable solution that is perfect for busy homes.

Mykonos blue tiles_Mediterranean Design

The elegant Mykonos porcelain tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to add a vibrant yet subtle patterned touch, complementing a range of trending and timeless materials such as white marble or blonde timber.

Mediterranean Design with Oasis Villa Inspired Tiles

Made in Spain, the stunning Oasis collection includes an array of different tile shapes that interlock with one another to create intricate geometric patterns. Tile formats can be mixed and matched to create your own unique take on this Moroccan inspired tile collection allowing you to completely explore your creative side when curating your home’s new colour palette. The Oasis collection draws inspiration from traditional Moroccan tile art, creating a Mediterranean villa look in any application throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Oasis pattern tiles

The stunning Oasis collection draws inspiration from the rich and earthy colours of traditional Mediterranean design, offering an elegant villa-inspired look in any application. The subtle yet stylish neutral colour options will effortlessly complement a contemporary colour scheme in the home while the patterns create a layer of interest in your design scheme.

Coastal Inspired Interior Design with out Portsea Collection

Traditional terrazzo tiles were first created as a means of using up leftover pieces of marble or granite from the stone manufacturing industry. Assorted chips of these natural stones would be scattered into a bed of wet cement to create a luxuriously dense and long lasting tile finish. Modern terrazzo tiles continue to be made in this fashion, offering a sustainable tiling solution for the home. Being made of concrete and natural stone, terrazzo tiles will require sealing to be best protected against staining however, if you are after more of a low maintenance solution for the home, porcelain terrazzo look tiles are the next best choice! These tiles are made of a durable porcelain finish that is virtually non-porous. These types of tiles will not require sealing, offering an option that is resistant to moisture, staining, scratching and heat.

Portsea Terrazzo Look Tiles_Mediterranean Design

A large format tile option, the Portsea collection is available in a selection of rich and earthy colours that are inspired by the Mediterranean coastline. These terrazzo look tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, offering a luxurious yet casual vibe in your colour palette.

Create Dynamic Bursts of Colour & Pattern with the Archaic Collection

Stepping away from the subtle neutral tones of this style of interior design, adding a dynamic, boldly colourful finishing touch to your home’s interiors will create a striking feature. Our Archaic collection offers an endless amount of Mediterranean inspired designs, each offering its own luxurious sense of character and charm. These handmade glazed ceramic tiles each feature a unique pattern, combining vibrant shades of green, orange, blue and yellow to create a striking feature element in any interior design scheme.

Archaic Handmade Tiles

Choose from an endless range of colourful patterns or mix and match to create your own unique style. The Archaic handmade tile collection offers a vibrant sense of pattern and colour in the home. These stunning handmade tiles can be used as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, allowing you to create a unique and impactful look.

Create a Stylish Mediterranean Design with Sukabumi Stone Look Tiles

Found in Indonesia, lush Sukabumi stone is often used to create luxurious resorts, adding a vibrant yet earthy finishing touch to indoor and outdoor spaces. Our Villa collection combines the rich and earthy qualities of this stone with a modern Mediterranean aesthetic to create a sophisticated and colourful experience. Drawing inspiration from lush natural stone, the Villa collection is made up of durable porcelain and can be used in a wide range of applications throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces. These luscious tiles can even be used as a pool tile, offering an incredibly diverse range of applications and design solutions.

Sukabumi Tiles_Mediterranean Design

Available in a selection of different sizes, the Villa collection can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces to create a luxurious resort style experience.

Mediterranean design is showing up in architecture and interiors the world over. This style of design fuses together a range of elegant and earthy colours with wonderfully tactile textures and dynamic features to create a warm and sophisticated look. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour palette for your home; visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here.