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On Trend: Luxurious Beige Tiles

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Beige tiles are remerging as a strong design choice for the home thanks to the warm, cosy and welcoming vibe they can create. Beige tiles offer a simple yet timeless neutral tone that can easily be paired with a range of bright colours and textures, allowing you a world of freedom when curating your home’s colour palette and design scheme. We explore this luxurious timeless colour option for the home, looking at what types of textures, colours and materials can be paired with beige tiles to create that perfect designer look!

Are Beige Tiles Coming Back?

Yes! Beige tiles are indeed making a strong comeback in the world of interior design thanks to their ability to create a warm and welcoming vibe in the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, beige finishes can be incorporated in many different ways throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces as this elegant neutral tone can pair exceptionally well with an endless range of vibrant colours and rich textures.

Oasis Moroccan Tiles_Beige Tiles

Our elegant Oasis collection combines a traditional Moroccan inspired aesthetic with the durability and versatility of modern porcelain. The collection includes a variety of shapes in varying neutral tones that can be mixed and matched to create a rich and sophisticated look in the home.

Why is Beige so Popular?

Beige is an incredibly versatile colour as it can be matched with a wide variety of different colours, textures and materials. Furthermore, beige tones offer an elegant and warm neutral colour that can easily tie in with any number of design styles, from traditional to more contemporary aesthetics. Shades of grey have been a popular neutral colour option for the home over the last decade or so however, greys are often quite cool in tone. Beige however, offers a warmer touch which in turn creates more of a cosy atmosphere that is ideal for creating a sense of calm and comfort in the home.

Quake Porcelain Tiles_Beige Tiles

The lush Quake collection combines the rich aesthetic of natural stones with the durability of porcelain tiles. This elegant space features a dreamy colour palette, pairing natural stone inspired beige tiles with light timber, pastel blue and gold highlights to create a wonderfully light filled atmosphere.

What Colour goes well with Beige Tiles?

Beige tiles can be paired with an endless range of colours from soft charcoals or crisp whites to more vibrant burnt orange, pastel blue, pink, yellow or orange, or even deep, chocolate brown tones. Beige tiles will also make for the perfect complement to a range of different materials and textures, easily paring with modern timbers, concrete, natural stones and metallic finishes, making for an exceptionally versatile colour option for all areas of the home.

Rosa Portogallo Marble Mosaic Tile

Our Rosa Portogallo mosaic tiles create a tactile feature in this modern bathroom design scheme. Paired with matte black bathroom fittings, these stylish marble mosaic tiles feature shades of beige, rose pink and pastel orange to create a warm and earthy look.

Selecting Wall Paint to Pair with your Beige Tiles

Depending on the type of look you want to create in your design scheme, there are a variety of different wall paint options that will work well with beige. When using beige kitchen tiles as a splashback for example, you may prefer to contrast your tiles with a warm, crisp white wall paint. This will create a sense of openness in your kitchen as it will brighten up the room while providing a subtle contrast to your beige splashback tiles.

In the bathroom however, beige wall tiles can either be contrasted or complemented. If you are hoping to create the illusion of a larger bathroom, you will once again prefer to stick with a classic, warm white on your walls. If instead you are looking to create more of a cosy vibe in the bathroom, you can select a beige wall paint that will match or complement your wall tiles well. This technique will create a sophisticated and welcoming vibe in the bathroom.

Looking to add more colour in your design scheme? Experiment with a range of luscious pastel tones! Pair your beige wall tiles with pastel yellow, blue, pink or orange to create a playful style in your design scheme that will add more layers of colour in your home. These tones can then be reflected in the space’s accessories and soft furnishing to create a strong sense of cohesion in your colour palette.

Beige tiles are featuring heavily in modern interior design schemes, providing a rich and sophisticated style that is both soothing and welcoming in the home. These timeless tiles can easily be paired with a range of textures and materials as well as colours to create a unique look in your home’s overall colour palette. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, offering expert advice when curating the perfect colour combinations; Visit us or shop for tiles online here!