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On Trend: Kit Kat Tiles

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Kit Kat Tiles are a modern variation of mosaic tiles that are available in a wide range of stylish colours, materials and finishes. These tiles can be used in most areas of the home to add a decorative feature element with certain collections even being suitable for use as a flooring solution.

What are Kit Kat Tiles?

The term ‘Kit Kat Tiles’ refers to a specific range of mosaic tile that is made up of slim, elongated rectangular pieces. These tiles are also commonly referred to as ‘finger tiles’ due to their small and slim format. Each individual tile is attached to a mesh sheet backing that allows for ease of installation, with each sheet most commonly measuring approximately 300 x 300mm.

How to use Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles in the Home

These tiles are available in a vast range of colours and materials with some options being suited as a floor tile solution while others can be used as a decorative finishing touch on vertical applications such as feature walls or kitchen splashbacks. These stylish tiles can even be used to wrap around columns throughout the home or to clad a kitchen island face for a timeless and elegant look in your interiors.

Houston sticks Blush_Kit Kat Tiles

Made of luscious glazed porcelain, the Houston Sticks collection can be used throughout the home to create a wonderfully tactile feature wall in your interior design scheme.

Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles as a Feature Wall or Cladding Solution

The slim, elegant format of Kit Kat Tiles creates an incredibly tactile and stylish feature element in any interior design scheme, whether used as a kitchen splashback solution, a bathroom wall tile or as a wall cladding option in other areas of the house. Glazed porcelain tile options for example, can usually be specified for use to clad a fireplace surround offering a unique alternative to traditional stone options that are often prone to cracking as a result of temperature shock.

Nakito_Kit Kat Tiles

The Nakito Porcelain Tiles offer a luscious textural element in the home, adding a sense of character and colour thanks to the many exciting options available.

Kit Kat Mosaic Tiles as a Floor Option

Aside from providing a stylish and timeless wall tile option or vertical cladding solution, certain collections of Kit Kat Tiles can be used to create a stunning feature floor. Most commonly made of concrete or natural stone, these collections offer you immense versatility in your design scheme as you have the option of carrying your floor tile up the wall to create a stunning feature element in a bathroom or kitchen design for example.

Being a mosaic tile, the increased amount of grouting required can often be a concern. One of the best solutions to overcome this issue is to use an epoxy grout in place of traditional cement based grouts. Epoxy grouts offer a stain and moisture resistant alternative solution that is incredibly simple to care for and maintain.

Similar to traditional cement based grouts, epoxy grouts are available in a vast range of colours, allowing you flexibility in your colour scheme. Being a non-porous product epoxy grouts will not require sealing as traditional grout solutions would, offering a unique, simple to care for solution for the home. It is important to note however that as epoxy grouts are a fast setting option, they require a speedy and experienced hand to apply. This product is usually a little more costly than cement based grout options however, its low maintenance qualities more than make up for any additional cost!

Ditto_Kit Kat Tiles

Effortlessly combining the old with the new, our Ditto Terrazzo Kit Kat Tiles present the traditional charm of terrazzo with the modern stylings of mosaic tiles. These stunning tiles can be used as both a floor and wall tile, offering a range of design possibilities for your next project.

Kit Kat Tiles offer a stunning design solution that can be used in just about any area of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more. Our Richmond Tiles Showroom is constantly being updated with all the latest tile trends in a range of colours, finishes and materials to help you create the perfect look in your next project.