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On Trend: Interior Design Ideas with Green Tiles

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Deep, emerald greens continue to be a hot trend in the world of interior design. Although green tones may be trending at the moment, these shades do provide a timeless quality in the home thanks to the colour’s obvious connection to nature, making this both a trend and a classic design choice. The latest green tiles in our showroom include stunning emerald green handmade look tiles, sophisticated Jade marble tiles and even luscious recycled glass options. Each of these exciting new options can be used throughout your home to effortlessly complement a range of tactile finishes from natural stones to concrete, timber and plenty more.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles provide a wonderfully low maintenance solution for the home. These tiles are famous for their impressive qualities, being resistant to moisture, staining and scratching while also being a non-porous material that will not require sealing. Glass mosaic tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces with options available that can be used as a floor tile, as a wall tile and even as a pool tile, allowing you to completely explore your creativity in an endless range of luscious colour options, shapes, sizes and patterns.

Moda 2.0_Green Tiles

Our new Moda 2.0 Plus collection features a velvety smooth matte surface finish. This collection is available in a smoky grey, a deep black option and of course, a luscious minty green tile option. Moda 2.0 Plus is made of recycled glass, offering a sustainable choice for the home that makes use of materials that are already in circulation rather than relying on new resources for an eco-friendly approach to interior design.

Handmade Look Green Tiles

Handmade look tiles are most often made of a porcelain material. These tile collections are specifically designed to emulate the luscious look and feel of a traditionally handmade tile, offering a similar aesthetic at a different price point. Handmade look tiles have been a popular choice for use as a versatile kitchen splashback tile, as an easy to clean bathroom wall tile and even as a feature tile in other areas of the home such as the entryway or living space.

Murray_Kitchen Tiles

Made of durable porcelain, our Murray handmade look tiles are available in an impressive array of playful colour options, including varying shades of green! These stylish tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as either a floor or wall tile and can even be used as a swimming pool tile, offering a durable and highly versatile solution.

Jade Marble Tiles

Natural stones such as marble will always be a timeless feature in the home! Marble is available in a wide range of naturally occurring patterns and colours, allowing you to create a luscious and sophisticated style in your home’s interior design scheme with any colour palette. From soft blush tones to creamy options and more, you will find many luxurious natural marble solutions available when choosing your new tiles. Green marble tiles (often referred to as Jade or Ming Marble) add a unique yet timeless quality to any interior design scheme. This natural stone features lashings of varying shades of green, from deep emerald tones to soft mint.

Moss Green Tiles_Kitchen Tiles

Our Moss Green marble tiles are available in a selection of modern styles or formats from hexagons to Kit Kat tiles. These stunning natural stone green tiles are suitable for all interior wall and floor surfaces and can even be used as an outdoor wall tile to create decorative features.

Green Kit Kat Tiles

Kit Kat tiles are proving to be one of the most popular splashback tile options for the home. These tiles are an elongated, slim rectangle shape. They provide a luscious textured element in the home, creating a simple yet effective pattern that can be made more intense with the use of a contrasting coloured grout or more discreet with the use of a grout colour that complements or matches the tile’s colour. Kit Kat tiles can not only be used as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile but also as a stunning feature tile in the bathroom and other areas of the home.

Soka mosaic tiles

Our new Soka collection is available in the stylish Kit Kat mosaic tile format and a classic penny round tile format in a selection of deep, luxurious colours. The emerald green option is especially popular, complementing a range of different interior design styles from contemporary to classic.

Green tiles can be used in your interior design scheme to add a vibrant, timeless feature element. Green effortlessly complements a range of modern textures and materials, easily pairing with concrete, natural stones, timbers and more to create a balanced and harmonious look. Our Richmond tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest tiles from all around the world! Whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting us in person, our team is always on hand to offer expert tips and design advice!