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On Trend: Green Bathroom Wall Tiles

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Instantly recalling the serenity of nature, deep, earthy green tones are a classic choice for the home. With obvious connections to nature, the colour green promotes feelings of tranquillity, creativity and refreshment, making it a favourite choice for all areas of the home, especially the bathroom. Green bathroom wall tiles can be used to create stylish feature walls in your new bathroom design scheme, effortlessly complementing a range of trending materials such as white or black marble natural stones, rustic timbers, industrial concrete finishes and more.

These exciting new tiles have recently been added to our Melbourne tile showroom’s collection, each offering its own unique qualities to any design.

Green Bathroom Wall Tiles: Experimenting with Shapes

When creating a feature wall in your bathroom, experimenting with different shapes will help you achieve a dramatic effect, instantly adding life and pattern to your overall bathroom design scheme. A great way to enhance a tile’s unique shape in your bathroom wall tile feature wall is to use a grout colour that is in contrast with the tile’s colour. This technique will effectively create a border around each individual tile, accenting their shape for a dramatic and striking look.

Murray_Kitchen Tiles

Our new Murray collection is a durable porcelain tile solution that is suitable for use on floor and wall surfaces throughout the home and can even be used as a pool tile. These tiles feature a stylish picket shape, allowing you to create stunning feature elements in your new bathroom design.

Green Marble Tiles for the Bathroom

Natural marble tiles are a timeless choice for the bathroom, offering a rich and elegant look that will last a lifetime! Green marble is a unique form of this luscious natural stone that introduces an alternative option from the more traditional white or black marble stones. Green marble tiles will include a stunning range of variations in colour and tone, with each tile showing lashings of mint, cool white, soft grey and deeper emerald green tones, creating a truly show-stopping look in the home.

Moss Green Marble Tiles_Kitchen Tiles

The Moss Marble collection is available in an impressive range of mosaic tiles shapes including classic hexagon tiles, herringbone tiles and more! These luscious natural marble tiles can be used to create a stunning bathroom feature wall with the tiles themselves being durable enough to even be used on outdoor wall applications.

Marble tiles are often durable enough to withstand being used as both a floor or wall solution, making them a versatile choice for the home that offers endless appeal. Green bathroom wall tiles using natural marble will offer a wonderfully varied surface finish that will create a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom; a perfect choice when you are creating a design scheme that is heavily inspired by nature!

When selecting natural stone tiles, it is always important to note the proper care and maintenance requirements that are necessary to ensure the stone’s quality and longevity. You will find more detailed information in our Resources page where we recommend specific tile sealants and cleaning products to consider when selecting marble tiles for the bathroom.

Kit Kat Tiles as a Bathroom Feature

Kit Kat tiles (also known as finger tiles) are a type of mosaic tile with slim, elongated rectangular shapes in a small tile size. These fashionable tiles can be used to create a stunning bathroom feature wall, adding texture, colour and pattern to your overall design scheme. Emerald green tones are an especially popular choice when it comes to Kit Kat bathroom tiles as once again, this colour will encourage a sense of calm in the space.

Magma_Green Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our Magma Kit Kat tiles add a wonderfully textured element to a bathroom’s design scheme. These durable glazed basalt tiles are suitable for use as a wall solution and also as a floor tile in low traffic areas.

Handmade-Look Green Bathroom Wall Tiles

Handmade tiles are a popular choice when creating a bathroom feature wall thanks to their rustic look that instantly adds a unique warmth and character to a design scheme. Handmade-look tile collections provide a solution that is often more cost effective, allowing you to recreate the look of a handmade tile on a larger scale.

Most handmade-look tiles are often made using porcelain and will include the same variations in depth of colour, shape, texture and size that one would expect from an authentic handmade product.

When selecting handmade-look tiles, it is important to select from a range that will include a high amount of variations which will ensure there are minimal repetitions between each individual tile. Ensuring a higher amount of variations within the tile’s collection will offer you the most realistic and authentic handmade look in your new design scheme.

Modi_Green Bathroom Wall Tiles

The luscious Modi Collection offers a handmade-look tile option that can be used to create bold, energetic feature walls in the bathroom. The collection is available in an array of elegant, nature inspired tones, including a selection of warm green tile options.

Green bathroom wall tiles are the perfect choice when you are looking to create a tranquil atmosphere in your new bathroom, perfect for relaxation. These exciting new tiles are on display in our Richmond tile showroom, where our team is on hand to assist you in creating the perfect colour scheme in your new bathroom!