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On Trend: Enamelled Glass Mosaic Tiles

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Glass mosaic tiles have always been a popular choice for the home, making for the perfect decorative touch to any interior space from the kitchen to the bathroom. These tiles add a glamorous pop of colour and texture to an interior while also allowing you to create intricate patterns, blends of colours and even ornate murals in the home. Enamelled glass mosaic tiles offer yet another exciting design solution, providing a flexible and durable option that can be used in many ways throughout your interior design scheme.

What is Enamelled Glass?

Enamelled glass will include a vitreous enamel layer that is applied to the glass surface. The product is then fired, resulting in an ultra-hard and durable surface finish where these two layers are fused together. Enamelled glass mosaic tiles will often show a frosty colour tone with either a matte or gloss finish.

Moda_Enamelled Glass Mosaic Tiles

Our elegant Moda collection includes a wide selection of tile formats from mini penny round tiles, chevron tiles and more! These soft and smooth enamelled glass tiles can be used as a floor or wall solution throughout the home, adding an irresistibly tactile finish to your interior design scheme.

Why are Glass Mosaic Tiles so Popular?

Glass mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home as they provide a vast range of benefits while also allowing you to explore any number of creative design solutions. Thanks to their small size, mosaic tiles can be used to tile difficult areas such as shower niches or curved surfaces for example, making for a flexible design solution that adds a colourful and decorative touch. Mosaic tiles have also traditionally been used to create stunning works of art, being laid in intricate patterns or in large-scale murals for a wonderful feature element in any interior design scheme.

Enamelled glass mosaic tiles offer a more modern take on the traditional glossy glass mosaic tiles. These tiles can be found in glossy options as well as smooth, velvety matte options, allowing for more choices when creating the perfect colour palette for your home. Matte finishes add an earthy and tranquil touch to a design scheme, making enamelled glass tiles the perfect fit for a modern interior as they can pair exceptionally well with a range of trending materials such as rustic timbers and smooth concrete.

Moda 2.0_Enamelled Glass Tiles

Made of recycled glass, our Moda 2.0 Plus penny round tiles are available in a selection of soft colour options. These enamelled glass mosaic tiles create a smooth and luxurious finish in any space and can be used as a decorative wall tile or as a floor tile in low traffic spaces of the home.

Furthermore, glass is fast becoming a popular choice for the home thanks to the material’s sustainable qualities. Glass is a material that can be recycled again and again with no limit to this cycle. Recycled glass tiles are becoming more accessible for the modern home and can be used throughout interior and exterior spaces as an incredibly long lasting and durable finish.

Can I use Enamelled Glass Mosaic Tiles on the Floor?

Enamelled glass mosaic tiles can be used as a floor tile in residential applications, offering a smooth finish that is resistant to moisture, heat, staining and scratching. As with traditional glass mosaic tiles, these types of tiles are a non-porous option that will not require sealing. They can be paired with an epoxy tile grout that further enhance their maintenance-free qualities; this type of grout provides a non-porous alternative to traditional cement based grouts and is resistant to staining and moisture, making cleaning up a breeze!

Grande Mosaic Tiles

Our Grande collection presents a super-sized penny round tile option made of smooth and velvety enamelled glass. These luxurious tiles can be used to create a decorative touch on all interior wall surfaces, making for a low maintenance choice as a laundry or kitchen splashback tile or as a bathroom wall tile.

Enamelled glass tiles are emerging as a hot trend this year thanks to the product’s impressive durability and low maintenance qualities. Recycled glass tiles will further enhance your next design project’s sustainable features while their smooth, velvet finish adds a glamorous yet earthy touch to any interior design scheme making these tiles an instant classic! Our Richmond tiles store houses an immense and ever growing collection of mosaic tiles including options in glossy or matte glass and more.