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On Trend: Crazy Paver Tiles

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Crazy paver tiles are emerging as a hot trend in Australian bathroom design, introducing this traditionally outdoor paving look to our interior spaces. These tiles combine various shapes and textures of natural stone pieces to create a stylish look in the home, being especially popular for use as bathroom wall tiles.

What are Crazy Paver Tiles?

Crazy paver tiles are usually made of natural stone pieces. Each individual quarried piece features a unique shape, size, texture and tone, making these tiles an absolute treat for the senses! These tiles are most often made of natural marble and are available in a wide selection of naturally occurring colours from soft blush tones, classic white marbles and even soft, minty toned Ming marble.

Crazy Paver Tiles_Blush Marble

Made of natural marble, the Crazy Paver collection is available in an impressive range of naturally occurring marble colours. Each individual tile is attached to a mesh backing sheet, allowing for better ease of installation as either a bathroom wall tile or floor tile.

How to Lay Crazy Pavers

Crazy paver tiles are actually quite simple to lay provided you spend some time carefully planning your tile layout. Unlike outdoor crazy tile pavers (which are often significantly larger pieces of stone), these indoor tiles are sold in sheets. Each individual tile is attached to a mesh backing, allowing you to easily arrange your sheets into your preferred tile pattern.

Your Perini Tiles consultant will assist you in recommending an ideal grout type and colour however, it is important to note that due to the unique shape of these tiles, you will require more grout in their installation in comparison to more traditional tile shapes such as squares or rectangles for example.

How to use Crazy Paver Tiles in your Bathroom Design

Crazy paver tiles can be incorporated in your bathroom’s design scheme to create a strong sense of colour, pattern and texture. Being a natural stone product, these tiles will easily tie in with a range of trending materials such as concrete or timber.

Crazy Paver Large

The Crazy Paver Large collection includes a selection of earthy tones. These stylish yet timeless tiles are suitable for use as an interior or external flooring, making them an incredibly versatile design solution for the home.

Crazy pavers can be used just like any other feature bathroom tile: You can opt to include them in your design to create a feature floor or wall, pairing them with simpler shapes and colour tones to easily balance your overall design scheme and create a harmonious look. Whether you opt for smaller sized tiles or the larger format Crazy Pavers, these tiles will look impressive whether they are included as a wall or floor tile solution.

Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

Crazy Paver tiles are most often made using natural stones. As natural stone products are porous and can be susceptible to staining or marking as a result of absorbing liquid or powder spills, using a quality tile sealer is always recommended. Natural stone tiles should be sealed prior to installation (as certain tile adhesives or grouts can mark the stone during the installation process) and then every few years or so thereafter throughout the tile’s lifespan. It is also recommended that cleaning products specific to natural stone tiles be incorporated in your maintenance routine to ensure the best possible care of your new tiles. For more detailed information on caring for natural stone tiles, visit our Resources page for our recommendations.

Crazy Paver tiles are traditionally used in outdoor applications, being a popular choice for patios and verandahs. Modern solutions now offer this stylish look for interior spaces, being a popular choice for use as a bathroom wall tile and even as a bathroom feature floor tile. You will find an impressive range of options available to choose from in our Melbourne tile shop in a variety of natural stones, allowing you the ultimate in creative freedom when it comes to putting together the perfect palette for your next bathroom renovation!