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New Year, New Look: Home Decorating Trends of 2024

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As 2023 wraps up, we look at the interior design and decorating trends that will be making a splash in the new year! Home decorating trends of 2024 include elegant Japandi interiors, Mediterranean inspired spaces and retro glam styles. Each of these luxurious design aesthetics share one thing in common: each style embraces rich and earthy textures, making use of natural stones, timbers and ceramics in different ways to create a wonderfully tactile and comforting experience in the home. In this post, we unpack each of these top trending interior design styles and look at the key elements featured in each.

Home Decorating Trends of 2024: Japandi Interior Design

Fusing elements of traditional Japanese and Scandinavian interior design, the Japandi style features soft, light toned timbers, organic curves and a variety of rich and earthy textures. Natural stones, rocks, linens and sleek concrete surfaces are all key features of this look, all of which can be complemented with a range of soft and elegant neutral tones such as light cream, beige, warm grey and charcoal. The Japandi interior design style will create a sophisticated, earthy and cosy atmosphere in the home that will encourage a sense of tranquillity and peace. Create this look in your home with the use of warm, creamy toned terrazzo tiles, warm concrete tiles or even timber look tiles that are layered with sleek whites and charcoals to create a luxurious look!

Dante Timber tiles_Home Decorating Trends of 2024

Fusing the traditional characteristics and features of Scandinavian and Japanese design, the Japandi interior design style presents a showcase of rich and warm earthy textures and materials. Our Dante timber tiles include a luxurious light timber option that can be laid in a variety of different styles to create a sense of pattern in the home. These porcelain tiles offer a realistic timber inspired look that is the perfect alternative to traditional timbers in all areas of the home, including wet areas such as the bathroom or laundry room.

Mediterranean Interior Design

Inspired by traditional Mediterranean interior design schemes, this style will also feature layers of rich and earthy textures however, these are paired with a variety of bold and dynamic colours. Feature colours that are prominent in a Mediterranean inspired colour palette include deep, ocean blues, sunny yellows, rich, burnt orange and more. Including a selection of metallic finishes in this style of home design will further enhance the overall aesthetic, adding soft highlights throughout the space to complement your selected feature colour with the lush natural stones and timbers that are often featured in this design style. From antiqued brass, gold or copper to sleek matte black fittings, there are many different ways to introduce metallic finishes in a Mediterranean inspired home design scheme. When it comes to selecting tiles for a Mediterranean inspired interior design scheme, there are many stylish options available to choose from including traditional terrazzo tiles, stone look porcelain tiles and elegant terracotta tiles. Each of these lush options will further enhance the rich and earthy look of this style of design, effortlessly complementing the surrounding finishes and colours for that perfect finishing touch.

Alice Pool Tiles_Home Decorating Trends of 2024

Our Alice collection includes an elegant pattern tile option as well as matching solid colour tiles. Using a lush colour palette of rich blues, whites, yellows and orange, the Alice collection will add a dynamic finishing touch to any Mediterranean inspired design scheme!

Retro Glam Home Decorating Trends of 2024

Drawing inspiration from the charismatic colour schemes made popular in the 1970s, a retro glam inspired interior design scheme will often include layers of soft creams, mossy greens, deep yellows and elegant burgundy and orange tones. These luscious colours are grounded in the home with the use of soft charcoals and warm whites to create a sense of balance. Luxurious terracotta tiles are often featured in this style of interior design along with elegant matte finished encaustic tiles and decorative ceramic wall tiles, each adding a wonderfully tactile element to your home’s overall colour and materials palette. Bold, geometric patterns will add a stylish finishing touch to this style of interior design, showing up in pattern tiles, soft furnishings and home décor to create a sense of character and charm in the home.

Beach Club Concrete Tiles

Elegant and timeless, the Beach Club collection of encaustic tiles features a stunning selection of geometric patterns in lush retro inspired colours. Making for the perfect complement to a retro glam inspired design aesthetic, the Beach Club collection can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as a floor or wall tile to add a personal touch to your design scheme.

Home decorating trends of 2024 each embrace natural textures and materials while complementing them with a range of different textures, soft furnishings and feature colours. Each of these styles uses timber, natural stones and concrete to create a distinct look that is highlighted with varying metallic finishes and lush feature colours that will add a personal touch in the home.

We look forward to seeing what 2024 has in store for us in the world of design! Our Melbourne tiles showroom houses an ever-changing collection of the latest in designer tiles from all around the world – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!