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New Terrazzo Look Tiles: Celebrating Colour & Pattern

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Terrazzo look porcelain tiles provide a stunning combination of colour, shape and pattern that will add a distinct character in the home. Terrazzo look tiles have remained a popular choice throughout these last few years with this timeless material being especially popular for use as a kitchen or bathroom tile solution. Our tile store in Richmond has expanded our collection to include even more exciting solutions with a vast range of stylish colours available to choose from for your next project!

What are Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles?

Terrazzo look tiles are made using a durable porcelain material and are specifically designed to emulate the look and feel of traditional terrazzo finishes. Authentic terrazzo tiles however, are made using a concrete tile that has been embedded with assorted chips of marble, granite and sometimes coloured glass. These chips can vary in colour and size and are randomly placed within the concrete tile when it is still in its wet cement form to create stylish patterns.

Taras Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles

One of the latest additions to our Richmond tiles showroom, the Taras Terrazzo Look Tiles offer a maintenance free floor tile option that can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create a sense of continuity in your design scheme.

As concrete and natural stone are both porous materials, traditional terrazzo tiles do require ongoing sealing and maintenance to ensure they are in their best shape. These tiles can be professionally rejuvenated over time if need be in order to bring them back to their original form however, for those looking for a tile option that will not require the same level of care and maintenance, terrazzo look porcelain tiles are the next best solution!

Gelati Terrazzo Look Tiles

In a true celebration of bold colours and striking, random patterns, our new Gelati Terrazzo Look Tiles are available in a classic 300 x 300mm size in a range of playful colour options.

Do Porcelain Tiles Need to be Sealed?

Porcelain tiles provide a non-porous surface that will not require sealing in order to be protected from staining or marking. These tiles can be used in all sorts of applications throughout the home being perfectly suited as a bathroom tile, kitchen tile and even as a main flooring solution throughout the home’s interiors, providing a hard wearing option that is full of character and charm.

Can I use Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles Outdoors?

Certain terrazzo look tiles can even be used in outdoor areas such as pool surrounds, patios, walkways and alfresco spaces, effortlessly complementing your outdoor decorating and design scheme and creating a stylish backdrop for the garden.

Classic greys, whites and black terrazzo look floor tile options are most commonly used in outdoor applications; these tiles will feature a grip finish that is perfectly suited for outdoor use. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best outdoor floor tile solutions that will be perfect for your intended application.

Using Terrazzo Look Tiles in the Kitchen

These stylish tiles make for the perfect kitchen tile choice, being suitable for use as both a splashback tile or as a floor tile. As their design is simple and can easily be matched with a range of different colours and finishes, you do have the flexibility of using terrazzo look floor tiles throughout the home, creating a seamless look in an open plan kitchen. Depending on the specific tile colours you’ve selected, a terrazzo look tile will tie in with a range of different kitchen design styles from classic Scandinavian kitchens to Contemporary styles.

Flek Terrazzo Look Porcelain tiles

Made in Italy, our new Flek collection is available in four elegant neutral tones that will perfectly complement a range of different interior and kitchen design styles.

Our Richmond tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest local and internationally sourced tiles for commercial and residential applications. These exciting new terrazzo look tile options offer a unique celebration of colour, pattern and shape to create a stunning look in your next design project!