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New Natural Stone Tiles: Our Latest Additions

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As 2024 rolls in, our Melbourne tiles showroom continues to be updated with all of the latest in designer tiles from all around the world. New natural stone tiles added to our already extensive collection include stunning marble mosaic tiles, elegant pavers for outdoor spaces and more.

Throughout 2024, interior design trends are embracing a sense of nature and tranquillity within the home, focusing on the inclusion of elegant natural materials combined with the principles of biophilic design. Although the beauty of nature has always offered a timeless aesthetic, we will be seeing even more of an emphasis on natural materials such as stone or timber within the home as engineered stone products are phased out of the Australian market.

Luxurious Marble Mosaic Tiles: The Nima Collection

Marble tiles have long been a favourite choice in design and architecture, featuring in homes and buildings for thousands of years. This natural stone tile option is available in a wide range of sophisticated and colourful options, each boasting its own unique sense of character and charm. Our new Nima collection of marble mosaic tiles includes an immense selection of elegant marble varieties, each in a luxe scalloped shape. Featuring a sleek polished finish, these tiles can be used in all interior wall and floor applications throughout the home, adding a rich and sophisticated touch to any style of design.

Nima Mosaic Natural Stone Tiles

Available in an endless selection of natural marble varieties, the Nima collection will add a playful yet elegant and timeless pattern touch to any style of home.

Natural Stone Tiles for Outdoor Spaces

Natural stone tiles offer an immensely hard wearing and durable surface finish that can be enjoyed for a lifetime with the right care and maintenance. Our new Paver collection includes a variety of different outdoor tile options in a selection of versatile large format sizes to suit both modern and traditional styled homes. It is important to note that natural stone tiles, whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, will require sealing every couple of years or so (depending on their wear) in order to ensure that they are best protected against discolouration or staining. Despite this added step to the tile’s care routine, these types of tiles will make for an excellent choice as their incredible strength and longevity is next to none!

Paver Outdoor Natural Stone Tiles

Available in two versatile sizes and an array of natural stone options, the luxurious Paver collection is an excellent choice for tiling outdoor areas. These natural stone tiles will add a timeless touch to any style of architecture!

Crazy Paver Tiles

Designed to complement the luxurious Paver outdoor tile collection, the Crazy Paver large range features an assortment of randomised shapes that will make for the perfect feature tile in your home’s outdoor spaces.

Dorado Marble Natural Stone Tiles

A unique and highly sought after type of natural marble, Dorado Marble is quarried in Mexico. This elegant and lavish natural stone features a warm white or beige base with lashings of soft grey and gold veining, creating an incredibly luxurious look. Our collection of luscious Dorado marble tiles includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes and patterns to choose from, allowing you to create a unique and stylish look in your home with this opulent natural stone. With the ability to be used as either a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, these tiles are sure to make a dynamic statement in any application!

Dorado Marble Tiles

Classic, timeless and sophisticated, our Dorado Marble tile collection includes an impressive variety of shapes, sizes and formats to help you create stunning patterns and designs in your home.

Stylish Bursa Natural Stone Tiles

Another fabulous marble tile option, the Bursa collection is available in three striking tile patterns including a classic subway tile option, a square tile and a combination of the two. These wonderfully tactile marble tiles will create a modern yet rustic look in the home, adding a cosy and warm finishing touch to any space. Popular for use as a floor tile and wall tile in the bathroom as well as a feature tile in other spaces throughout the home’s interiors, Bursa will add a warm and elegant touch to your home!

Bursa Natural Stone Tiles

The stunning Bursa collection offers a classic aesthetic in the home that can easily be tied into modern and traditional interior design styles. The wonderfully rich and tactile surface will create an earthy quality in the home, complementing a range of different materials and finishes.

Natural stone tiles offer a timeless tiling solution for all areas of the home, from indoor spaces to outdoor areas. These tiles allow for an incredibly durable and long lasting finish that can be enjoyed for a lifetime! When choosing tiles for your home, it is important to consider your selected tile’s characteristics and maintenance requirements; our Resources page is full of guides for different tile materials, ensuring you make a well informed decision when it comes time to choose the perfect tiles for your next project.