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New Handmade Look Tiles for your Home

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Handmade look tiles will often feature rustic textures, luscious glazes and an endless range of colour options, allowing you to create incredibly stylish colour schemes. These tiles are rapidly becoming a popular solution for the home thanks to their many exciting qualities and their unique ability to create a strong sense of character and charm in any design scheme. Our tiles store is constantly introducing new and exciting collections from all over the world, with our latest collections of handmade look tiles being no exception!

What are Handmade Look Tiles?

Handmade look tiles are often made using porcelain or ceramic materials making them a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of applications. Being made of these materials, handmade look tiles can often be used in areas where authentic handmade tiles are best avoided; for example, encaustic tiles are not often recommended for use as a shower base tile as consistent contact with water and additives in cleaning products can damage them.

These tile collections are specifically designed to offer the same rustic look and feel of an Artisan made tile, complete with realistic variations in colour, texture and shape. Just like real handmade tiles, these tiles can be used in your home’s design scheme to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere, celebrating imperfections to add character and charm to the home. Depending on the material and glaze used in their creation, many handmade look tile collections can be used as a floor finish in the home while others are often restricted to vertical applications only, making them an ideal choice when looking to add a feature element to the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

The Modi Collection

Made in Italy, our new Modi collection offers a stunning representation of an authentically handmade tile product. Each individual tile shows realistic variations in tone or colour as well as texture.

Modi_Handmade Look Tiles

The elegant Modi collection is suitable for use on all interior wall applications throughout your home as well as low traffic floors (such as residential bathrooms or powder rooms), adding a colourful and vibrant touch to any interior design scheme. Available in a classic subway tile format, the Modi range can be laid in a variety of different ways from the traditional brick bond style, horizontally or vertically stacked or running vertically up the walls for a modern look.

The Modi collection features an undulating glazed surface finish, adding a glossy touch to your interior design scheme that is irresistibly tactile! Modi handmade look tiles are available in an impressive selection of earthy and neutral colours including varying shades of ocean blue, deep jades and more.

Fez Bejmat Porcelain Tiles

Made in Spain, the Fez Bejmat collection includes a selection of rich, earthy colours to choose from. These handmade look tiles are made of durable porcelain which is well known for its many benefits; porcelain tiles are resistant to heat, moisture, staining and scratching, making them a popular choice for use in any area of the home. Our new Fez Bejmat tiles can be used as a floor or wall option throughout your home’s interiors, making for a stylish choice in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry as well as entryways and more.

Fez Bejmat_Handmade Look Tiles

Bursting with character, texture and charm, the Spanish made Fez Bejmat tiles can be used throughout the home’s interior spaces for a timeless and earthy finishing touch to any interior design scheme.

Arezzo Handmade Look Tiles

Made in Italy, the Arezzo collection includes a range of rich, earthy colour options available in both a subway tile format as well as a classic square shape. These tiles can be used as a luxurious wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces, being a low maintenance solution as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile or as a bathroom feature tile. These tiles can also be used in residential low traffic areas such as the bathroom or powder room, offering a rustic yet luxurious and timeless touch to any interior design scheme.

Arezzo_Handmade Look Tiles

Our new Arezzo tiles feature striking, earthy colour options in a classic square and subway tile format, allowing you to create stylish feature walls throughout the home’s interior spaces.

The Arezzo collection offers an ultra-realistic handmade look solution for the home with each tile being unique from the next. Each individual piece will show authentic variations in colour and texture to create a wonderfully tactile look in your colour scheme.

Handmade look tiles provide the unique qualities of authentically hand crafted products at a different price point, allowing you to use these tiles in more varied applications throughout your home and especially in areas where traditionally handmade tiles are often avoided.

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