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New Designer Tiles: Pattern & Texture in the Home

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Our Richmond tiles store is constantly being updated with all the latest in designer tiles. Our latest arrivals are sure to impress with a range of luscious textures, energetic patterns and elegant colour and material options to help you create your dream home!

Bata Brick-Look Designer Tiles

The Bata collection can be used throughout your interiors to create a rustic, country style look. This porcelain tile collection offers a wide range of uses in the home as it can be used as both a floor or wall tile, making the creative possibilities truly endless! Bata is a porcelain tile collection and will not require sealing, offering a versatile and simple to maintain solution for all areas from the kitchen to the bathroom. These luxurious, rustic tiles can even be used outdoors to clad your home’s facades or as a luscious flooring solution in patios or verandahs.

Bata_Designer Tiles

One of the latest collections included in our Richmond tile shop, Bata porcelain tiles can be used as both a wall or floor tile throughout the home. These rustic tiles are available in a range of neutral colour options, boasting an organic variation in both colour and texture for an authentic distressed look that will complement your interior design scheme.

Curved Marble Designer Tiles

Elegant, luxurious and most definitely on trend! Our new Curve Mini collection uses naturally occurring marble colours in a ribbed style to create an elegant feature tile selection that is the perfect choice for adding a dramatic touch to your interior design scheme. These elegant tiles can be used as a feature wall option in your home, to clad a kitchen island or even as a splashback option in the kitchen or laundry.

Curve Mini Marble Designer Tiles

The rich and opulent Curve Mini marble tiles are the perfect option to create feature elements in your interior design scheme. These luxurious wall tiles offer a show-stopping tactile design element with a range of naturally occurring marble colours available to choose from.

Marble tiles provide an elegant and timeless design solution for the home. These exciting tiles will never date and will provide a long lasting and highly durable finish in all applications. It is however, important to consider the right cleaning and maintenance techniques associated with natural stone tiles, including marble, as without the right care, these tiles can be stained or discoloured. Using the right cleaning products and ensuring a quality tile sealant has been applied to your new marble tiles, you can rest assured that your new marble tiles will be as good as new throughout their lifespan in your home!

Marble Floor Tiles

Rich, earthy and irresistibly tactile, the new Bursa natural stone tiles can be used throughout the home as a feature wall or floor tile. These elegant marble tiles are available in a selection of various classic tile shapes that each offer a versatile and flexible design solution for your interior design scheme. As noted above, natural marble tiles require a specific cleaning and maintenance routine however, this should not deter you from including these elegant options in your home: the long lasting beauty and elegance of a natural marble finish is simple next to none!

Rustic, warm and lusciously tactile, the Bursa marble tiles can be used as a flooring solution or as a wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces for an earthy atmosphere.

Cartia Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles offer the perfect solution when it comes to adding a touch of colour and character to your interior design scheme. Aside from using lusciously textured natural materials such as marble tiles to introduce a touch of pattern, you can instead opt for colourful designer tiles that feature unique images and motifs on their surface to create a classic and traditional atmosphere in your design scheme.

Our new Cartia collection is made in Spain and includes a selection of colourful patterns as well as solid coloured tiles, all of which can be used as a decorative floor or wall tile in your interior spaces.

Cartia Designer Tiles

Elegant, charming and colourful the Cartia collection is a glazed porcelain tile that does not require sealing. These beautiful tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as well as covered outdoor areas for a bright touch to your design scheme.

These and more exciting designer tile options are available to view in our Richmond tiles store where are team is on hand to help you create the perfect look in your next project whether you are planning a home renovation or a new build.