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Navigating Neutrals in the Bathroom

Outstanding bathroom design should complement the rest of your home, and in itself be a harmonious, pleasant space. Crucial to this is your colour palette! Often neutral tones are what first come to mind for modern homeowners. And why not? Softer tones enhance a welcoming and clean ambience when used correctly.

Here are six essential tips for navigating neutrals to get the most out of your bathroom design.

Provide Contrast

If all-white everything is a consistent feature on your mood board, then you run the risk of creating a room that feels clinical and cold, instead of clean. Adding a stark contrast into your scheme will help to break up the monotony and give your space some character. Balance pale bluestone with basalt black tiles or considering introducing a feature wall to keep things interesting.

If you would prefer a change that is more subtle, then your choice of grout could be the best way to go. A dark grout on light tile can give your design a distinct edge. Although often grout is more of an afterthought, it can significantly help to frame your room.

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Or Choose To Compliment

If selecting a tile to contrast your neutrals seems too bold, then why not find a tone that compliments? Pair beige tiles with earthy, brown tones for a space that is warm and inviting. Pairing different depths of colour together from the colour wheel is a great way to ensure your room enjoys a consistent flow throughout.

In the shower, choosing a tile that is more intricate or a smaller cut will help to separate the space and can make the room appear larger. Consider introducing a mosaic-inspired design, made of multiple shades, for a bathroom that is contemporary and comfortable

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Keep It Fresh

A few small pot plants on your window sill or a statement botanic display by your bath can bring vibrancy and serenity to space. Adding houseplants to your space is a great addition to any home design style but are especially beneficial in your bathroom. Not only will they inject your neutrals with new life, but they literally purify the air you breathe for a room that is healthy and liveable.

Choosing the right plant and pot can be tricky, be sure to select a species that can handle fluctuating temperatures such as an aloe, pothos or English ivy. If you aren’t ready to make a permanent design decision, then indoor plants are a great alternative to creating a lush, luxury home. Add in a bronzed, worn pot for a rustic feel that plays off your neutral palette.

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Choose A Shape

Wide, square tiles. Small, handmade tiles. Subway tiles. Octagonal tiles. The list goes on and on! Modern home design styles have seen an influx of products and styles ready to access from our doorstep, so narrowing down your shape can be difficult. In a small bathroom, large, neutral tiles that run floor to ceiling can create the illusion of space and light.

If something more eclectic is to your taste, consider making the investment for a more vivid, handmade addition. The distinct aesthetic and charm of a handmade tile, which is imperfect in its edges, colour and contrast, means that it can transform your bathroom from cookie-cutter design to a truly unique space.

Introduce A Pattern

Accent tiles can be a risk but often come with big rewards for the homeowner. A Moroccan inspired tile will bring your bathroom to life with exotic, rich flavour. The intricate detailing and sublime pattern can transform your space into a luxury oasis, even while using neutral colours!

Be careful when selecting your patterns to stick with one or two and keep the colours simple. Otherwise, your bathroom could become a kaleidoscope of mismatched aesthetic and colour, overwhelming for you and your guests.

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No More Than 3 Shades

Perhaps one golden rule worth sticking to is to never introduce more than three shades in your bathroom at a time. This is especially true if you are introducing pattern or notable shapes into the space. Keeping the number low will ensure that each shade is able to  inform the other, and bring intrigue and character into your space.

Balancing your neutrals may be much harder than it first appears. In order to make sure your result isn’t boring and rigid, there needs to be some injection of character into the colour. Distinct, understated colour schemes provide the perfect foundation to grow your design with subtle highlights, themed decor and bespoke touches.

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