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Natural Stone Tiles for the Bathroom

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Natural stone tiles continue to be one of the most popular design choices for the bathroom. These types of bathroom tiles offer an exceptionally timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that is next to none. If you are on the hunt for the perfect natural stone bathroom tiles, we’ve rounded up a variety of stunning options, each boasting its own sense of character and charm to suit a variety of different interior design styles.

Unique & Tactile: Red Travertine Natural Stone Tiles

A type of limestone, travertine can be sourced in a variety of rich and decadent naturally occurring colours. This type of natural stone will often feature a wonderfully tactile quality, showing a stunning range of texture and tonal variation that combines to create a truly show-stopping look in any application. Red travertine natural tiles in particular are often used to create dynamic yet earthy feature elements in a design scheme, pairing well with a range of different materials such as timber, concrete and brass.

red travertine collection_natural stone tiles

Our stunning Red Travertine tiles are available in a selection of different tile shapes and formats, being an exceptional choice as a bathroom feature tile that can be complemented with a variety of materials and colours to create a unique look.

Classic & Sophisticated: Stone Hexagon Tiles

Classic marble varieties include Carrara, Statuario and Calacatta. These three popular types of marble all feature a soft milky white base and varying charcoal and grey veins, each showing a different intensity in colour or pattern. As these types of marbles are more neutral than other more dynamic or colourful options, they can easily be incorporated into any style of interior design, adding a luxurious finish to contemporary and classic styles alike. Our Stone Hexagon collection includes bathroom floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles, offering a wonderfully versatile design solution for this part of the home.

Stone Hexagons_Marble Tiles

Available in a selection of classic marble options, the Stone Hexagons Range combines timeless elegance with modern design. Their elegant hexagon tile shape can be used to create discreet features in the bathroom, whether as a floor or wall tile solution.

Feature Tiles for Bathroom Design: Creating Bold Contrasts with Natural Stone

Thanks to the endless variety of natural stone options available, creating bold and stylish contrasting features can easily be achieved by combining different stones together. Contrasting varieties of natural stones will add a bold burst of pattern and colour in the bathroom, allowing you to experiment with a range of different materials when curating your materials and colour scheme. Our Labyrinth collection fuses together a variety of different marble stones to create contrasting patterns that will add a bold and dynamic quality to your new bathroom’s design.

Labyrinth Marble Tiles__natural stone tiles

Designed by Australian Interior Stylist Steve Cordony, the Labyrinth collection includes a selection of different tile patterns that are created using contrasting varieties of natural stone.

Playful & Serene Styles with Natural Stone Tiles

When it comes to selecting natural stone tiles for the bathroom, you will notice that the possibilities are truly endless! Aside from the more dynamic and impactful natural stone feature tiles, you will also have a variety of more dialled back options to choose from as well. These softer styles allow for a more casual or playful look in the space, adding a small feature element to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic while making for the perfect backdrop for other statement pieces. The example below uses a Rosa Portogallo penny round mosaic tile in the shower area to create a wonderfully tactile and playful feature while allowing the bolder matte black bathware to be the central focus of the design.

Rosa Portogallo Penny Round Tiles

Our stylish Rosa Portogallo collection features a choice of three different tile shapes or formats to choose from, each boasting varying shades of this lush natural stone. Ranging from soft pastel orange to off-white and warm grey, the Rosa Portogallo collection will add a discreet yet playful and stylish feature element in the bathroom that allows for other statement pieces to shine.

When shopping for natural stone bathroom tiles in Melbourne, there are many exciting options available to choose from, each boasting its own range of unique characteristics and charming qualities. From luscious natural marbles to elegant limestone tiles and more, each of these unique natural stone bathroom tile solutions will create a different look in your new design scheme. For more information on caring for your natural stone tiles, see our Resources page here or visit our Melbourne tiles showroom to browse our endless collections!